The Initiation


How difficult is it to practice self-care when you are distressed?

When serenity is in scarce and the peace you long for evades you on every turn?

There are a hundred things going on in your mind per minute.  The world you know is about to crash anytime.

UNSETTLED is one word to describe what you feel.


How to Practice Self-care even on days you don't feel like it


You have been down under so much lately, you just don’t know how to come back up. You are trying hard to see the light but boy, isn’t it hard?

You chug your days somehow hoping today is THE day things will turn around. It is not all dark and gloom. It is possible to feel happiness. But then. The day is over and you are nowhere closer to wellness. Then a tiny question pops inside you.

Is this how it’s going to be?

A vicious cycle of hopelessness that is called your LIFE? Is it never-ending? Like a bad dream? It can’t be, right? There is still so much to do. All those stuff on your vision board? And your ever-growing bucket list? Who will take care of all that? The book you want to write, all the travel you want to do…?

Remember your WHY. See, you definitely need to dig out of this rut. You have to. Remember the strength. YOUR strength.

How to Practice Self-care Even on Days you don’t Feel like it


And then there is Self-care.

The one thing that might just bring you back on track. A channeling of positive vibes and good intentions that could help you see the light. But stop with all the nonsense of treating yourself to a spa day or going out with friends. Or get your butt to the gym or hot yoga. What if you don’t want to step outside the house because you are not ready for normalcy?

What’s that word? Yes, introvert or some might say, anti-social. Guess what? You are allowed! Yes, you are.


If self-care in your dark days means taking a time out,  so be it. 


If it means, hugging your kids a little tighter and staying a bit longer with them while saying goodnight, no harm. 


If you have to step outside your routine and take deep breaths and if THAT means self-care to you, I say go for it. 


If it means taking a vow of silence for a day or days and reflect, mama you are on track with self-care of the highest order. The true version.


A total cleanse might be just what you need. To get your perspectives right. To remember your reasons to be on this leg of your journey.

The initiation.

I mean, you knew this part was always going to be difficult. It is no bed of roses.

But may I remind you gently, this will not last forever? The tide will subside.  These grey skies you see today will no longer be there one day. The storm will pass, making way for sunshine. Winter won’t last. Spring will come along bringing new hopes.


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It is just a matter of time. You hang in there mama.

If there is a particularly bad day and you think, it is impossible to press on any further, pull out your journal and write away. Don’t try to make sense of the words that come out but just write. Keep writing.



And I assure you, you will feel the heaviness lifting. The cloud surrounding your being will clear slowly. You may feel a renewed strength stirring inside. Like a Tigress waking up from a deep slumber.

YOU are that Tigress dear one. Never forget that.

Now, brush those tears away. It is time to get back into the game.




With love, Vinma




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