How to Prepare a Meditation Space at Home


I have mentioned the importance of having a meditation space at home on my prior posts on meditation. Since I was pretty brief then, I wanted to write a post just about meditation space and how to create one if you are interested. It is fun to prepare a space of your own to go within considering this is where you will spend your time whenever an inclination strikes to meditate.

So, are you ready to learn how to prepare a meditation space at home? These simple tips can help you to create a space in your home that brings your calmness, clarity, and happiness.


How to Prepare a Meditation Space at Home


Prepare a meditation space at home


If you’re feeling a bit stressed, that seems to be the theme of the year. With all of these events and activities that are happening at home and outside in the world, it makes sense to take charge and create a space that you can easily relax in and find your own inner peace. The good news is that you need minimal room or objects to create a relaxing space in your home.

Your home should be a space that is calm and relaxing but if it doesn’t currently feel that way, it’s time to take charge and make it happen. If you’re ready to give yourself more ways to relaxed without having to step outside of your safe space, these simple tips can help to make your own stress-free and a warm and inviting place.


1. Pick out a paint color and paint the room


If you’re fortunate enough to have a whole room that you can make a meditation space, start by painting the walls. It isn’t necessary but if you have the luxury of doing this, I say go for it! Choose a calming color that brings you peace and happiness. Think bright or light colors that allow the sunlight to bounce easily off the walls. Colors have a language of their own and depending on what you choose, it has the ability to bring joy, lighten up your spirits and ground you on your journey to wellness.


2. Declutter everything in the room


This might be the hardest part of creating a meditation space in your home. But it’s an important one. If you truly want to be able to meditate, you need to remove all distractions that are going to take away from your calming experience.

This doesn’t mean that you have to throw all the stuff away but it does mean that you need to get them out of that space so that you can focus on just yourself. Not to mention, the act of decluttering is sacred and can be an added benefit to clean up your mental space while doing it physically.


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3. Make a comfy spot that is welcoming


Buy a new chair, get a soft and poofy rug, or lay out a fluffy bean bag that is comfortable and inviting. When you’re meditating, you need to be certain that you’re comfortable and want to be in that spot. Having some indoor plants or succulents is also a great idea because they have an ability to absorb negative vibes or energy that lurk around. Arrange your meditation space well and put things in it that bring you joy but be certain that they’re minimal and not going to distract you from overall relaxation mood and theme.


4. Essential Oils


Use a diffuser and some calming essential oils of your choice in the meditation space. As you know aromatherapy is gaining popularity and considered as an effective tool for mood lifting. It has a way of influencing you spiritually and can work great as you meditate and get familiar with the mystical world.


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As you can tell, creating a meditation space in your home isn’t hard but it will require a bit of prep work on your end. If you’re ready to meditate, create that access space at home.



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How to Prepare a Meditation Space at Home

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