How to Start your Day Right with Coffee

Back to school is “back” friends. And it means, back to routine, schedule juggles and a whole lot of running around. And as in always, what fuels my busy life regardless back to school or not is coffee. Ha! No surprise, I know. Without coffee,  I am lost. Because it is my firm belief that life begins after coffee!


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Yes, Coffee is life. And if it’s not life, it’s probably pretty high up there on your list of things that you “must” have. If you’ve ever tried to start your day without coffee, you know that it’s probably not the best idea. Foggy brain, low energy and lack of enthusiasm are all real things that can happen when you don’t start your day with coffee. And if you are one of those people who doesn’t prefer coffee, you must be a morning person instead! The rest of the world loves starting their day with a strong cup of joe, and with good reason!

Here are 5 solid reasons to begin your love affair with coffee and tips on how to start your day right!

How to Start Your Day Right with Coffee

How to start your day right with coffee


Morning Coffee is a MUST


Life begins after coffee, right? So let’s analyze our morning schedule first to fix up our rest of the day.

Mornings can be horrible. Let’s be honest…sometimes mornings can be the worst. And coffee just happens to be that light waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. If you struggle waking up in the morning, coffee can be the resource and rescue that you need to give you a jumpstart to tackle your day.


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Hello Caffeine!


Coffee pumps that caffeine into your body. We all know how effective caffeine can be. If you’re having a morning where you’re feeling super sluggish, all you need to do is start your day with a nice cup of coffee.


Coffee and Losing Weight? Hell yes!


Coffee can help you shed some of those unwanted pounds. More specifically, the caffeine that’s found in coffee can help you potentially lose weight. Studies have shown that caffeine can help to increase your metabolism and have a good effect on your overall weight loss goals. Wouldn’t it be great if a cup of coffee away helped you to shed those unwanted pounds?

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Start your day right with coffee


Coffee Bonds are Meant to Last.


It’s the perfect way to connect with your partner. While having a nice cup of coffee every morning may taste great, it’s also the perfect time of day to sit on your porch and talk to your better half. There’s just something magical about sipping on a hot cup of coffee and talking to your family member, without a worry in the world. Starting each and every day with a cup of coffee and a conversation sounds like an amazing reason to wake up and get out of bed.


Coffee is an Ultimate Self-Care Indulgence


Coffee gives you time to “just be”. Sometimes, life is chaotic. Things are happening, everyone in your family is going in a million different directions and it seems as though life will never slow down. But when it’s just you and your cup of coffee, it feels as though the earth is standing still for a moment.  You can hear the birds, read a book, or start your day with a little quiet meditation and an awesome cup of coffee. Whatever you decide you want to spend your time doing, coffee always has your back.


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Got some ideas on how to start your day right with coffee?


There are many people in the world that don’t think that coffee is a necessity. And for some, it may not be. Those who feel that they don’t need or enjoy coffee have an absolute right to their opinion and thoughts, but that doesn’t mean that those thoughts and opinions have to rub off on you. If you love your coffee, shout it loud and proud. There’s nothing wrong with starting your morning with a cup (or two!) of delicious coffee to help you de-stress, get your thoughts organized and start your day. And the great part about coffee? There’s no wrong way to drink it! Straight up, with sugar, or with a few pours of coffee cream, no matter how you prefer to drink and enjoy your coffee, just make certain that you are starting each and every day with a delicious cup of joe!


Don’t listen to me, hear it from Mayo Clinic about the benefits of coffee and the new research results. 




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