How To Stay Happy & Well When You Live Alone


Moving away abroad or to an unfamiliar location can be both scary and exciting. If you’re going away by yourself then you may have even more hesitations as you pick up and relocate.

Heading to a new location solo can be a positive experience with the right attitude and approach. Take the time to gather some tips for how to stay happy and well when you live alone so you can keep a smile on your face throughout your experience. While there may be some challenges ahead, you’ll certainly grow and develop as a person throughout your journey.


Learn Something New


Stay happy and well when you live alone by continuing to stretch yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Learn a new language or skill and discover different talents you didn’t know you had to stay busy. It may be a new hobby that you take up with others or maybe it’s a class you take online. Challenge your mind and put your talents and knowledge to the test by taking in new information regularly.  


Exercise & Develop Healthy Habits


Exercise is a great way to remain happy, healthy, and well and keep you busy when you live alone. Develop healthy habits so that you can boost your mood and remain positive while aboard. Get out of the house by joining a gym or getting your bootcamp certification and teaching a class. Set fitness and wellness goals for yourself that will help you stay focused on something positive in your life and ensure you feel great and have plenty of natural energy.


Make New Friends


Sometimes you have to be willing to put yourself out there and feel uncomfortable if you want to be happy and maintain a social life. Therefore, be willing to get out and meet new people and friends when you live alone. Stay happy and well by developing healthy relationships with others and getting out and doing things in your community. Attend social or networking events or join a local sports team or organisation and see if there’s anyone else who you get along with and want to become friends with while checking out these groups.

Find A Job You Love


Working is a part of life and you’ll want to make sure you can support yourself when you live alone. Stay happy and well by finding a career and job you love and that will allow you to use your skills and talents. Make sure that your role challenges you and makes you work hard and think so that you don’t become bored or disengaged. Find an employer that respects your effort and abilities and rewards you fairly. You want to wake up each day feeling motivated so take the time to secure a job that makes you excited to get out of bed. 




These are some practical tips and ways to stay happy and well when you live alone. They’ll help you get settled in your new location and ensure you get involved in life right from the start. Maintain a positive attitude and you’re likely to find your experience abroad truly rewarding.  


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