How to Write a Bucket List for Self-Care


In my new book A Tired Mom’s Guide to Self-Care, I share the importance of having a bucket list and how it is a great self-care activity.

I didn’t have one for the longest time as I didn’t know what it was supposed to do for your soul. Other than, completing the items on the list and checking them off once you are done. Not like, I don’t have enough to- do lists? Know what I mean? So, the bucket list was not in my radar for a while. Then one day 2 years ago, I was reading Jack Canfield’s Facebook post on how bucket lists and vision boards are helpful in keeping you accountable.


How to Write a Bucket List for Self-Care


make a bucket list- a great self-care activity


How it contributes to having one stay on track with life goals and enjoying while at it.

Bucket lists give you a sense of purpose and make you feel good about yourself while daring you to imagine the impossible.

It allows you to dream big and motivate you to go after what you want. Unapologetically.


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Needless to say, I was convinced. It was right up to my ally. I wondered why I didn’t have a bucket list for this long. With no time to lose, I sat down and wrote my own bucket list. Finally.


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I kept writing,  redoing my list, striking out items that didn’t capture my life’s purpose originally, changing my mind every now and then until what left was PERFECTION!

Things I WILL and WANT to do in my life. For fun,  that is guaranteed to nourish my soul and gives me a sense of accomplishment once completed. There is really no rule regarding what should go on your bucket list. Because there is no right or wrong bucket list. We are all unique and so our bucket lists are unique as well. One cannot be compared to the other.

Ask yourself these questions as you write the first draft of your bucket list.


Do I really want to do this item?

How bad I want it?

Will it leave me happy and satisfied once I get to do this someday?


That’s it!

If you follow Jack Canfield, you know I have only barely scratched the surface of this topic. His observations are more comprehensive and in-depth. He talks about having a Bucket List and or Life Goals for both your personal and professional life. And he has over 200 items on his lists! Well, of course, he is a Master in this area and I am just a spec. But if you are a beginner, nothing fancy is needed at the moment.

To make things easy, I am going to share with you part of my bucket list here today.  You are free to piggyback on it and make one of your own! How’s that? So let’s start:


  1. Get a tattoo (Done)
  2. Write my autobiography and have 1 million copies sold in the first year. 
  3. Become a Poetess and publish a collection of poems (already in the works)
  4. Go skydiving
  5. Chase Northern Lights ( Might be this October!!)
  6. Become one of the top ten Self-care bloggers in the world! (Watch out world, I am coming in)
  7. Buy a villa in Santorini, Greece
  8. Go on a safari in Kenya
  9. Own a Jaguar F Pace ( Love fast cars) 
  10. Give a TEDx speech
  11. Travel the world
  12. Spend a day in Submarine underwater
  13. Buy a few properties back home in my country  
  14. Own a cottage 
  15. Buy a second home in the south of France 
  16. Start a Media and Communications/Publishing company 
  17. Win lottery (oh yeah, because why not?) 
  18. Go on a pilgrimage
  19. Meet Abraham Hicks in person and get on her hot seat in one show (Those who follow Hicks will know what I am talking about)  
  20. Run a 10 k Marathon in next 5 years 


And the list goes on…

Are you getting some ideas now? Are you excited to create a blueprint of your own bucket list yet? Get a paper and pen right away and start writing.


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Please note, your dreams and aspirations keep changing so will your bucket list. And that’s the fun part.


Entertain the ideas incoming and consult with your heart. Learn more about yourself and what you want out of life. Write them down. Your bucket list is a living tree if you will. Water and nourish it and watch it grow and flourish. It will change seasons, bloom and die. But regrowth is always part of it and so is rejuvenation.


Feel free to strike items out and add stuff in as you go. Do soul checking regularly and see how your life goals transform for the better. How do I know this? Already done it and I know this tool works. A great self-care activity that you must not miss adopting.

Next time you see me, be ready to share your bucket list with me mama



How to Write a Bucket List for Self-Care
How to Write a Bucket List for Self-Care

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