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As a mother, you can imagine how scary it can be to break down on the side of the road.  With your kids in the back seat, a dead battery can leave you stranded at the mall or countless other locations. What if there were a mobile battery service that you could call on to save the day? Fortunately, we have a company like CAA to provide just that service! A charging car battery might not seem like a big deal, but it certainly can be if you are in a tough situation.

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CAA is a wonderful company that provides many services, including mobile battery services. They are the only mobile battery service that will come to you and install, charge or diagnose your battery problems. If your battery is broken, they will even put in a brand new one and get rid of the old one.

A Real Example

I remember one time I had left work late and had to walk across a dark, deserted parking lot to get to my vehicle. The weather was poor and I felt a bit apprehensive about being so alone with nobody in sight. What if I was robbed? I climbed into my car and sighed with relief. I turned the ignition….nothing.

My relief quickly turned to panic when I realized that it was late. I started to  hyperventilate when my car didn’t budge, the engine remained ominously quiet. I called my husband willing him to be at home to take my call. And he did! Thank god for that! I walked him through the problem I was experiencing with the car and he gave me the help I needed in figuring out the issue. I was able to turn on the engine finally to my great relief.  A dead battery in that situation would have been horrible. Having CAA mobile battery service could have been the perfect fix for me.

The Details

When you contact CAA mobile battery service, you are going to speak with a highly trained and competent employee that will get you the help you need. Best of all, they will deploy that help to your home, office or the side of the road. When the help arrives, they will quickly diagnose the problem and enact a solution.

Get a Battery Quote with CAA Today!

If the battery can be charged, they will charge it. If it needs to be replaced, they offer a wonderful line of green car batteries that are priced as good as any battery deal out there. Best of all, they install it for you and even carry away the old one! As a mom, I can truly get excited about the security that gives me inside when I travel long distances. Even around the city I feel safer knowing CAA is there to help me. They also offer roadside assistance to top everything off and keep me totally protected on the road.

The Batteries

I am also concerned about keeping the environment clean and protected. This is why you see me raving about the batteries that CAA offers. When you purchase a battery from them, you get a CAA Green Power Battery that is backed by a 6-year total warranty. This also includes three years of free replacement and a three year prorated guarantee. What this tells me is that CAA is paying close attention to their products and the effects they have on the world around them.

I can relate to that as a consumer looking to raise environmentally conscious children.

The batteries are of top quality and certainly highly competitive with the others that are available on the open market. Why pay more for a battery that is not guaranteed and will cost extra to install? Never mind the fact that you might need the road side assistance feature. Who ever breaks down at home, right?

The Bottom Line

CAA and their mobile battery services provide you peace of mind. Whether you are charging your battery or replacing it, you will save money on this service and gain security that you can’t put a price on. No longer will you be at the mercy of shady mechanics that have your wallet on their minds instead of your vehicle and safety.

On an average, a battery installation service costs anywhere from $30-$50. If you purchase battery from CAA, there is no extra charge for installation.And good news for CAA members is that they can save $15 off the price of a new battery. Now there is no reason not to call CAA, is there?

Call CAA at 1-800-222-4357 to request Battery Service or Get a Battery Quote Today!

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    1. Michelle! I think you have a similar company in US called AAA. Its worth checking out if they provide battery service..

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