Introducing Peekapak- Home of Cool Craft Ideas for Kids!

Kevin, my 4 year old recently got an opportunity to test out a fun filled subscription box called Peekapak.

Cool Craft Ideas from Peekapak Monthly subscription Box

Wondering what Peekapak is?

It is a monthly subscription service that features cool craft ideas and other fun activities for toddlers!

Peekapak is designed to inspire literacy, creativity and imagination in children, and is grounded in play and inquiry-based learning.

This monthly subscription service is packed with cool craft ideas that helps busy parents of children ranging from ages 3-7 have a fun filled time making exciting crafts thereby bringing imagination into real life!

Kevin’s Box contained tons of fun crafts named on the theme “Ocean Adventure”. It contained supplies to create a crafty ocean environment like an ocean lantern, sea turtle hat, octopus toys and such! It was fun putting everything together to make Kevin’s own “ocean adventure”. He didn’t want to leave Peekapak alone until he made “everything ocean” with his little sister’s help!

If you subscribe to Peekapak, your child is going to get a Peekapak box every month filled with cool craft ideas based on a certain theme. In our case, it was “Ocean Adventure”. Some other themes that I have noticed in their website are Magic Hat, Adventure in the Antarctic, Adventure about Flight and Courage etc.. This innovative product that blew my mind away promises new learning and creative adventure for your little ones every month and is designed with the help of experienced education advisors. Each Peekapak subscription box comes with an exciting storybook filled with educational tidbits, interesting challenges, and cool craft ideas and instructions. And you will get all the supplies needed to make some awesome crafts!

Now, how does this work?

1. Choose your plan- You can go for monthly, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year plan.

2. Once you select the plan, monthly deliveries will begin hassle free right to your front door!

3. Third and final step? Imagine and create! That is the most fun of all- for you and for your little ones 🙂


Interested to learn more about Peekapak’s cool craft ideas? Visit their website  🙂

****Disclosure: I received the product free but my review is honest based on my son’s experiences with Peekapak.***

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