Kids Valentine Day Crafts-DIY Heart Decor Part 1

Valentine’s Day is all about the hearts! If you want to add some simple and sweet heart décor to your space or looking for kids Valentine day crafts ideas, look no further than these “Piece of My Heart” Valentine’s Day heart décor. You can make your own heart décor using nothing more than puzzle pieces and a little paint, and in no time you have the perfect décor piece or Valentine’s Day gift.  Here is how you can get started crafting your own! They are just as fun as they look.

Kids Valentine Day Crafts-DIY Heart Decor

Supplies needed

Puzzle pieces
Red or pink paint
Paint brush
Ribbon for hanging
Hot glue, hot glue gun

Kids Valentine Day Crafts-DIY Heart Decor

If you don’t have any old puzzle pieces, grab an old puzzle from your local thrift store. You can usually find them for pennies a piece and they are perfect for crafts such as this. Find a puzzle with medium sized pieces that will be easy for children to hold and manipulate. You don’t want the pieces to be so small that they are difficult to manage. And it wont work as fun kids Valentine day crafts as well.


1. Begin by placing the puzzle pieces brown/plain side up on a paper plate or newspaper. The paint will cover better on this side as opposed to the laminated side.

Kids Valentine Day Crafts-DIY Heart Decor

2. Apply two coats of paint. Allow the paint to dry well in between coats. You can apply a third coat if the coverage is not to your liking.

3. Once your paint is dry, you can begin assembling your puzzle piece heart. First, arrange your pieces into the heart shape.

4. Once the heart shape is made, you can start gluing. Apply a dab of glue beneath the pieces and press them back into place. Go slow, be patient, and put the heart back into shape one piece at a time.

5. When the puzzle pieces are dry and the heart shape is in place, you can prepare the heart for hanging. Run a ribbon, twine, or yarn through and tie into a knot or bow.

Your puzzle piece heart will look sweet hanging from a doorknob or even gift. Keep one for yourself and make one to give to someone you love.

As you can see, these puzzle piece hearts are so easy to make and even easier to enjoy, thus being a perfect candidate for kids Valentine day crafts ideas.

Gather your simple supplies and see what you can come up with! They are sure to add some spirit to your Valentine’s Day.


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  2. That’s spooky, I have a pile of painted puzzle pieces on my dining room table as I was thinking of making something with them, I just havn’t decided what yet, This heart is lovely.

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