Kids Valentine’s Day Craft- Cupid’s Arrow

Are you ready to start decorating for Valentine’s Day? Do you want to do your Valentine’s Day decorating for less? If you love all thing arrows, you will love this perfect Valentine’s Day craft! These Valentine’s Day Cupid’s Arrow craft is so easy to make.  Adorable as it looks, this kids valentines day craft is a great addition for your this year’s Valentines day celebrations.  Your little ones will enjoy crafting them.

When you are done you have the perfect little arrows, great for attaching to Valentines or for using in your Valentine’s Day décor. Here is how you can make your own Valentine’s Day Cupid’s Arrow craft, just in time for the season! They are easier than you might think!

Kids Valentine’s Day Craft- Cupid’s Arrow

Here are the supplies you will need for this craft

Colorful paper straws in red, pink, or Valentine’s Day theme

White and red felt


Craft glue

Craft glue works just fine for this craft and there is no need to heat up the glue gun. Opt for any color felt you wish, as pink or peach and other light varieties will work just fine too! Feel free to use your own imagination and choose felt color combinations that work for you and your tastes.


1. Begin by cutting out the triangle tips for your arrows. You can simply freehand these on your own without a stencil. Don’t worry about if they are all perfect as that sort of adds to the charm of the arrows.

2. Next, use a contrasting color of felt to cut out the feather tips. You can simply cut out a rectangle and fringe the edge of the shape with your scissors. This will give it the feathered look.
3. Add a dab of glue to each of the shapes and press them to the ends of the straws. Hold them in place firmly so you can be sure the shapes adhere well.
4. Repeat until each straw has a pointy end as well as a fringed end.

Once your arrows are dry, you can display them. Assemble them in a centerpiece, stick them in plants, attach them to cards, or just display them as they are. They would even look cute in your holiday place settings, displayed on plates over the napkins. Get creative and use your imagination and chances are you will find all sorts of ways to work these arrows into your décor.

Gather your supplies and give these easy and adorable Cupid’s Arrows craft a try!One of the perfect kids valentine’s day crafts to go for this year. Even adults alike are sure to enjoy this easy DIY!


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