Last Minute DIY Halloween Decorations!


Looking for some last minute Halloween decorations?

Take a look at these two ideas below:

 A  DIY Pumpkin Fall Centerpiece


A  DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece has a very festive fall look that can also be used to decorate on Halloween day. This is a  gorgeous centerpiece that you could make on the cheap but will also pass off as an upscale decoration! It’s very easy and only costs about $7 to create and needs only  10 minutes of your time!

All supplies were purchased from Wal-Mart!

So, let’s get started.

Materials needed

A Pumpkin of some sort-  a real pumpkin, a plastic pumpkin, or like mine, a Styrofoam pumpkin!

 Faux leaves

straw material or hay or something like it

a hot glue gun!


Start the piece by just gluing the leaves around the pumpkin’s stem in whatever arrangement you like! I did mine with a wide variety of colors by alternating liberally. Next, take your straw and tie it into a bow then glue it also into the pumpkin stem, I put mine just straight in the center but you could put it on a diagonal or however you like it, just play around with it! There you have it, you’re done!

This is a great Fall centrepiece that could be made very easily at an affordable cost.

So, how do you like my centrepiece?


Halloween Pumpkin Centerpiece Decoration


The next DIY is even easier than the Pumpkin centrepiece that I made.


 5 Minute Ghost Eggs Decoration


Supplies needed

3 Hollowed out eggs

Cotton fabric


Red permanent marker


Cut 3 pieces of white cotton fabric squares, making each square slightly larger than the previous one so that each ghost hangs just a bit higher than the last. Cut 3 long strips of cotton for tying off ghosts. Insert egg inside the middle of each cotton fabric piece and tie the strip of cotton around the bottom of the egg to make a head, leaving a remainder of the strip for later use. Draw faces onto each head using a red permanent marker, ensuring each face looks different. Attach a ghost to one of the other’s close as possible to the head area like picture shown and then the last one. The ghost should look like they have character, notice how mine look like they are looking at each other. Be creative!

5 Minute Ghost Halloween Decoration

Directions for hollowed out eggs

Use a sharp needle and poke a hole in each side of the egg and then blow on one side until the yoke and whites come out of the other. Repeat for remainder of eggs.

Have fun making these last-minute Halloween decorations everyone! Gosh! Halloween is just around the corner right? So excited!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Cute!! My neighbor always decorates for Halloween…I never seem to get around to it! I used to do more when the kids were little! I do like to dress up the house for fall though.

    1. You are right Michelle. I am doing all this so that my 4 year old will leave me in peace lol He wants to fill the house with all sorts of decorations and my brain is constantly working on ideas 🙂 But when he is big, I don’t think I will be as crafty as this time around.

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