Leap of Faith

The past couple of weeks’ efforts are turning out to be fruitful regarding Kevin’s training with the toilet. It started out rough as I expected. The communication between him and me sometimes hovered at the point of impatience from my part and ignorance from his. He wouldn’t tell me when he wants to go and I will get nasty surprises of his pee drenched under wears. Then I tried to drill into him the importance of learning to use the washroom on time rather than doing it in his “usual convenience”. He would listen sometimes and other times, not so much. The next step was to bribe him with his favorite treats and much coveted sticker rewards which helped with the motivation that Kevin was so lacking! Coupled with the fact that I launched into a more grueling routine of taking him
to the washroom with his permission sometimes and by force most of the time every half hour improved the situation a lot. Now, Kevin kind of realizes that this would be his routine when it comes to “nature’s call”. He understands that he is no longer a toddler but on his way to being a big boy.  It is still too early to tell about the success of this but I am sure that from this point on, it would be an easy ride for both of us! “Mission Potty Training” Accomplished!
                 Krista still has her starting troubles and hesitations about rolling on to her tummy. So far, she does not like it. She is more than ready physically to go on to this next step, but I guess she is intimidated by the prospect of seeing the world in a different angle (upside down) from the tummy position. She must have her doubts. There is a trick that I used with Kevin when he was at this stage couple of years ago. I would entice him with a toy that he so wants and place it at a certain distance from where he lies. If he wants it, then he will need to roll over on his tummy and take a leap of faith and start crawling. And it worked! Boy, I tell you my son was very lazy. He wanted everything to come to him. Anyways, Krista will soon be playing this game with her Mommy…and she is going to love her tummy times, her first of so many steps to being a big girl! Mommy’s job is to get her kids ready to take that leap of faith which will take them to places in the real world. Don’t you think?

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  1. Hey chechi, that was a real nice read. Very pleasant, and yup, humourous as well! You make a great mom, I tell you! *proudly beams* 🙂

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