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Kids are like sponges. They soak up things quick. Experiences they gain in early years of their lives make a lasting impression on their personality throughout adulthood.  Sometimes I wonder at the way my children question things.

Mom, why doesn’t the sky fall on us?

How do planes stay in the air?

Where do thoughts come from?

Why does your handwriting look like Santa’s? (Ouch! lol)

Where do people go when they die?…

And much more.

Ontario Catholic Teachers

Their curiosity has no bounds. Our kids look at the world way different than an adult. In their eyes, everything is much brighter and sharper. Things need to be carefully analyzed and planned. To them, there is only black and white. No grey. Their curious minds need answers. They don’t understand things that are unexplained or vague- be it the curriculum or life lessons.

As parents, we do everything we can to help our children thrive. After all, we are the first teachers. But let’s admit. Even parents could use a little help in that department. I know I do.  But being part of our Catholic School system,  my kids are in good hands just like I was when growing up. Life lessons they learn from school on a daily basis will help them to be responsible, caring and resilient.

Ontario Catholic School Teachers

Catholic teachers deliver lessons that extend beyond math, science and history. They shape the character and values of the students they teach. Catholic schools are dedicated to helping each child succeed, learn who they are in Christ, have a Christ-centered environment, and more. They work hard to nourish the body mind and soul of each student that comes into their classrooms. 

Did you know our Catholic school teachers work hard in so many ways in providing the best learning environment possible for our kids?

They hold really high standards and focus on core values for their students to become engaged and contributing citizens.


It was a love of diving that inspired Joe Grabowski to become a teacher — which is probably why he’s always striving to take students deeper. As the creator of Exploring By the Seat of Your Pants, he has helped organize hundreds of virtual hangouts on Google and Skype, giving students in classrooms across North America a chance to learn from and interact with working scientists in the field. Through their chats and question periods, Joe hasn’t just helped reveal hidden corners of the earth to his students, he’s instilled a sense of global citizenship and environmental stewardship.

Hangout in Antartica from OECTA on Vimeo.

In my time as a student in our Catholic School system, I was lucky as well to pick up valuable life lessons. Looking back, I realize these lessons were a guiding light in many difficult situations I faced. Lifelong values I learned from my Catholic School helped me in making better judgment and informed choices. It also enabled me to impart my kids with the same quality of education and strong faith that I have come to enjoy in life.

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All said and done, I know the practical world is much different from the real world. Nothing we learn in our classrooms can prepare us to deal with life with perfection or walk out with flying colors. But there is comfort in knowing that our Catholic teachers deliver lessons that extend beyond math, science and history. They shape the character and values of the students they teach.

Learn more about our Catholic teachers and what they do for our community.


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