Leave Comfort Zone on Your Next Moms Day Out

Leave comfort zone. NOW.

Are you CRAZY? Hey, I am not crazy ok? I am also a lover of my comfort zone.

It’s just too good to me sometimes, I don’t ever want to step out of it. Said anyone ever? I don’t think so.


Leave Comfort Zone on your Next Moms Day Out

Leave comfort zone-how to tips for moms


As much as we adore the privilege of navigating the path of parenthood, as the old song says “everybody needs a little time away”. It’s natural and healthy that Moms should seek out and relish opportunities to define themselves on their own terms outside of the context of our relationships or parenthood. Getting out of the comfort zone and exploring what else is out there has its perks. How would you know how good it can be if you never try? This is why Moms day outs are a great idea to consider. A chance to be yourself.  Getting in touch with your core, your true personality that is deep in sleep somewhere inside…

So. Let’s get to the point.

How to Leave Comfort Zone

Every now and then our significant others or parents will take the kids off our hands and give us an opportunity to spend a day out with the girls or simply enjoying our own company. While a nice long walk alone in the park or a glass or two of wine with the girls is a fun way to spend a day, let’s remember that life begins outside of your comfort zone. Why not really push the boat out for your next day off and engage in some activities with your friends that you may not have considered?  It may provide a fun and memorable experience that becomes a talking point for years to come. These stepping out of your comfort zone examples and activities are perfect for a few hours to kill with the girls…

And may it inspire you to leave comfort zone that you are holding on to way too much and for too long…



1. Get locked in a room together

Have you been to an Escape Room?

Who wants relaxed chat in a casual setting when you can get kidnapped and locked in a room by a deranged serial killer? Okay, so the deranged serial killer may well be fictional but an Escape Room is a fun and memorable activity for groups of friends. You’re all locked in a room together and have to solve puzzles to find clues that will help you escape. These Escape Rooms tend to have a range of themes which you choose and will test your teamwork and problem-solving abilities. I don’t know about you but I could use some mental boost occasionally. A nice break from entertaining mom thoughts like how many loads of laundry I should do tonight or what to make for dinner on Saturday! 

Trying to escape out of a locked up room is a real challenge and a lot of fun. Another plus, It also helps you find out which of your friends you can rely on in a tight spot.


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2. Visit an animal sanctuary


I love my pets. There’s nothing that helps us feel calm, serene and happy like enjoying the company of animals in a beautiful and natural environment. You might think a day at the zoo would scratch this itch, but zoos tend to be expensive and overcrowded not to mention a little ethically divisive. Plus, there’s a good chance you want to get away from kids for a little while. Instead, if there’s an animal sanctuary near you, this is a wonderful way to spend a day. Sanctuaries tend to be less crowded and more intimate than zoos as well as being a wonderful place to spend time with animals who have been rescued from intensive farms or animal testing facilities.


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3. Throw a burlesque party


Well okay, this one might be a bit out of your league if you are generally introvert or not a fan of pushing it too far. Playing safe is always good. But think about it.

How often do you get the chance to feel sexy and empowered while also feeling that you don’t need to take yourself too seriously? Many groups of women find that a burlesque party is a great opportunity to have fun, feel gorgeous and learn some new skills. Wherever you live, there’s likely somewhere near you that offers an opportunity to learn burlesque poses and postures. And did I mention It’s also a great body workout?  Pole dancing lessons are usually part of the proceedings. This is usually the activity of choice for bachelorette parties or birthday parties but who needs a special occasion for a fun and empowering experience with your girls? I really like this idea and kudos to you if you have actually gone for it or considering including it in your next moms day out activities. 

4. Learn something new or start a meaningful hobby


I shall now share a secret.

I take piano lessons with my son! Yep.  This is not really an activity per se for a moms day out but hey, if you get good at playing piano or any other instrument for that matter, how awesome would it be to organize an evening of performance for your friends?! I have already participated in a couple of recitals at my music school but it is quite enticing to call all my girlfriends one day and show off my skills. A great way to bond and also channel your creativity intellectually. I must confess, I had to leave comfort zone BIG TIME for this- I mean, umm recital?? But I did it coz I know it was/is stimulating me mentally leaps and bounds!

If you are not into music, no worries. There are other things you can do or learn. Ballet or Hip Hop is best if you have a flexible body OR willing to work towards getting one. Sports girl? Consider horseback riding (perfect for summer) or Golfing (I do it sometimes with my girls). Creative? And have a good eye for visuals? Why not take a photography course? It is amazing to think of all the possibilities that you can go for if only you are willing to leave comfort zone. Remember, nothing good ever happens if you remain there. All the fun is beyond.


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Now that you are armed with a bunch of fun getting out of comfort zone examples, time to kick it up a notch and be a Total Package Mom! You’ll return home from any of these activities refreshed and reinvigorated and ready to take on the challenges of modern motherhood.


What stops you from leaving YOUR comfort zone? Let’s discuss.


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