Life in the Time of COVID 19


I put the dish in the sink and turned the faucet on.

As the running water hit my hands comfortably turning warm, I  pondered over the virus that has taken over my thoughts as of late in the worst way possible. Life has come to a standstill wrapped in uncertainty.  Fear is now a constant in every action I take when it comes to the safety of my family. A sniffle or small cough from my little ones have the potential to steal my sleep at night. It ruins the peace and any possible hope that I carefully cultivate in my heart for a better tomorrow.


Life in the Time of COVID 19

Life in the Time of COVID 19

Grocery shopping these days is the Hunger Games in real life. Win the game or die trying. If you are able to get your hands on the essentials, good for you. Come home victorious, fill your pantry and feel blessed knowing your family can survive next week or two without issues. If you are doomed with gawking at the empty shelves, you lose. Winners have already walked down this aisle, items safely stacked in their carts leaving nothing for you. My sympathies.

We are in a new era. Survival of the fittest is the rule, pay attention. Learn.

Your next necessary trip out might be the last one you take virus free. Yes, the one you are trying to put off because your scared shitless to step outside the house. You are wondering about the possibility of ending up sick while running errands, touching the public surface, accidentally touching your face or worse, forgetting your hand sanitizer (a hot commodity these days) home. Is venturing out worth it? Should you be continuing to self-isolating yourself?

This is truly a nightmare from which I hope I wake up. But then I pinch myself. Yes, I feel the pain, it’s very much real. This is a horror scene straight out of a movie. But I can’t get out and walk away or cover my eyes until it passes.

There is nowhere to run, we are in lockdown. Face it, you are cornered.

I worry to death about my children’s health. I am watching their EVERY action like a hawk. Trust me, it is exhausting. It has actually given me chest pains ( I wonder if I have COVID 19- NOT). Paranoia and constant freak out has driven me to the edge. I keep them close. It is easy to do so.  Thanks to the Government, school is out for three weeks. All their extracurricular activities are canceled. For some good measure, I canceled our March Break plans too. No more Niagara Falls ( Hello, the first case of COVID 19 in the region) A good timing to cancel the plans, I would say.

My nice Employer is allowing everyone to work from home practicing social distance. I applaud you, Corporate. You are one step ahead in beating this thing. We are in this together! Thank you for your concern about your employees’ health and safety.

Let’s do handwashing together and be aware of hygiene. But do not be obsessed with toilet papers. Make sure to leave some for others too while you shop. It is thoughtful and polite. We are Canadians, remember?

TV was on in the family room.

A grim reminder of the reality out there in these troubling times. I could hear all about the carnage COVID 19 was leaving in its wake. I watched as Wuhan, China shut down due to the incredible number of COVID 19 cases and deaths. It is where it all started. Followed by Italy and now Spain. Who is next?

People wearing masks with fear in their eyes are walking the streets. Unsure where to go or what to do. I see them not holding hands. And keeping a careful 3 ft distance from each other. Good move.

World Leaders and Health Care Professionals are constantly holding press conferences to update the public on COVID 19 rampage. They go over the numbers of confirmed cases and fatalities.  Death toll climbs every day. Countries are taking turns to become Epicentres. Our health care system is overloaded. Stay home people, don’t get out. Don’t travel.  Don’t make others sick, especially our vulnerable population. Breaking news flashed on-screen reporting the death of an 80-year-old in British Columbia. Somberly, they also announce the first case of COVID 19 on a child.  Lord! Could you at least leave our helpless and young generation alone?

Having said all that, is it possible to ‘ flatten the curve’? Politicians and Chief Health Officers are careful to sprinkle optimism in their words while taking a test themselves for the virus. Some of them came back positive, I heard.

Should we believe in their optimism? Or is it a ploy to curb the panic we are feeling in our hearts right about now?

We have a choice in this critical time of COVID 19. We could live in fear or we can choose to become resilient. And trust me, living in fear is EXHAUSTING. It doesn’t suit us. Paranoia is a silent killer just like this COVID. If the virus doesn’t get you, the other one will. So let’s stop all this nonsense.


Starting today, choose courage.


Courage to face this pandemic and doing everything in your power to put it behind. It will include staying informed, handwashing and practicing social distancing with grace.


Courage to make the best use of lockdown or self-isolation. Bond with the family like never before. Play games together, try homeschooling, find new books to read, pray together, plan movie nights and go camping in the family room.


Courage to appreciate your life although it is a little precarious right now. You have a roof over your head, your home. You can conveniently go in isolation in your space. You still got hot water,  essentials to get by for a few weeks, everyone you love is with you and your health is still in pretty good condition. Let’s keep it that way.


Courage to be kind. Yes, it takes a certain amount of strength to be kind. Be mindful of others and open to sending help when you think someone else is desperate. And trust me, there is joy in giving. That’s what makes the human race so special. We are courageous and kind.



Life does not stop here. COVID 19 may want to put an end to it, but you are courageous. A virus cannot defeat you or take everything away from you. You are much stronger than that. But you know that already, don’t you?

I turned the TV off and stood up. Stretched my legs and listened to the laughter of my children from upstairs. Instantly feeling better, I made sure the lunch is ready before joining them for another round of board games.

Life is good.




With love, Vinma



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