Life of a Parent

Daycare hunting for Kevin has started in full swing.  I am just making it a point to find him a good provider way before I go back to work so that I do not need to scurry around at the last moment dumping my child in a strange place for lack of time. This way, he will get enough time to familiarize himself with the new atmosphere or move on to another facility if something does not work out. As usual, Kevin is in good spirits about the whole daycare thing, even though, I am sure he has no clue that his life will change “post daycare”. For the past three years, he never needed to go to a daycare or use hired babysitters. It was a good thing since my husband’s family live very nearby. His best friends are his cousins, my sister in law’s kids, a bit older than him.  I do know about some of my co-workers and acquaintances scrambling for help to take care of the kids
 while they work. Fortunately, I  was not subjected to that. But now, I feel that its time for my son to see the world differently and take active role in it by stepping out real slow. He would need to meet kids from other families and take effort to make friends with them and learn together what life has to offer. There is no harm in that. Besides, timing is never could be this perfect because next year he will start his junior year at school and time at daycare this year could be a training period for him.
                  Its funny that we as parents think about every aspect of our children’s life no matter how small it is and plan and map our strategies with as much as perfection as possible!Even if you want to step back and take a breather or do something fun for a change, something else that is really important will pop up in your mind in that exact moment and we set off to tick off that one last thing in our “to do” list. And it goes on and on and on…  Our children on the other hand with their  carefree nature could care less about any plans and focus on having fun and lots of it !Sometimes I long for that child like innocence and obliviousness. For atleast one day, I can just stop worrying about things and just enjoy the life I have and focus only on having fun! Wow, even thinking about that is amazing… Anyways, I think I just got carried away here. Speaking of strategies, I have a birthday party to plan next weekend. Kevin is turning three and we are having a party for him in the theme of “Thomas and Friends”, his favorite. I still need to figure out the menu and decide the cake. More planning, I guess. Taking a day off to enjoy life will need to wait a little while. May be after the birthday..hmm….what are the chances of that?? 

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