Life’s Simple Pleasures

Even though I am a thirty something woman and a Mom to two kids and a wife to my Hubs, with a house to take care of and a job to keep me on my toes, there are times when I suddenly become that little girl who looked up to her Daddy and always found pleasures from simple things in life.

dad 2 

I remember my enthusiasm those days when my Dad comes home after a busy day at work. I would start dancing all around him with excitement. daddy's little girlMy Dad would roar with laughter and pick me up to whisper in my ears- “What did my little girl do today?” knowing full well that I am dying to untie the events of the day with him and I wouldn’t be at peace until I am done relating everything that had happened while he was away. Dad would settle down to have a cup of coffee, still holding me in his arms and I will happily snuggle up with him and start talking pure bliss.


I know that Dad would be very interested in knowing that I finished my breakfast that morning and that I did not waste one bit of food this time.


He would also like to know that I played nicely with the kids in our neighborhood without getting into any fist fights or tantrums (Yeah, I was a feisty little girl even back then)


I remember being proud in pointing it out to him that I took care of my little brother when he cried and gave him toys to calm him down.


I would not mention the fact that I became so impatient with him later on when he just wouldn’t stop crying because I took the toys back from him because it was all MINE. Ha!


My sweet Dad would listen to everything I say and  finally finish his coffee with great relish. What makes me really happy afterwards is the way he produces two dairy milk chocolate bars from his pocket with a flourish and presents one to me and one to my brother. God, how I miss those little chocolate bars even now…!


cadbury dairy milk chocolate
Source: Cadbury India


My Dad didn’t forget to bring these special Diary Milk chocolate bars from India when he visited me last two times… For some reason, the chocolate that I found here in Canada didn’t match the taste or flavor with the one that I used to enjoy having in India. Maybe the fond memories that I have about them over the years must have added tonnes of yumminess to the actual chocolate which it never had in the first place! Yes, go ahead and call me crazy!    


Fast forward to the present day, I come home after work and Kevin will be hovering at the door to greet me. The moment I get inside, he jumps to my arms and kiss my face with such fervor. I reciprocate in abundance and hold him close while wriggling out of my jacket and purse. These days, he has started asking me,


“Mommy, How was your day?” I say to him, “It was alright honey.  How was yours?”


That is his queue to launch into the day’s happenings that rocked his little world.

 He would tell me how much fun he had at the day care playing with his friends. He would say that the mud he played in got all over his cloths and he had fun walking around in dirty cloths until his teacher changed him. He would say that it was so much fun playing in the water tub and he never wanted to get out of it. So, when the teacher came and said ‘Time Up’, he just sat in the tub as if he didn’t hear her at all…


Krista would be keenly watching me all this time waiting for her chance to be picked up. I would get to her eventually while listening to Kevin’s chatter. She would cling to me at the moment of contact and express in her own way that she too missed me and that she too has stories to tell.

 mom and kids

This is the point where I ALWAYS feel the déjà vu.


The moment where I get the glimpses of a little girl bouncing around her Dad with her chatter box wide open. I see Kevin and Krista sharing space with this girl and I wondrously realize that I could now see both worlds crystal clear- my past and my present.


These are the times I come face to face with this vibrant little girl in me whom I have known for years and whom I will never forget.  She is also the one who help me to remember the paths I have taken in life and the dreams I have yet to achieve. Though I am older than her now and have seen more of the world than her, she is still my Teacher and Guide in showing me the relevance of Life’s Simple Pleasures.


What do you consider as Life’s Simple Pleasures?


Does remembering them make you happy? Does it make you plough forward when the odds stack against you? 





  1. What a sweet post! I love those sweet moments when I get deja vu thinking back to my childhood too!

  2. I think one of life’s simple pleasures for me is sitting on my front porch watching my kids play and laugh and have fun. It brings back memories of playing outside with my own sisters and reminds me of how blessed I am.

  3. Wow, this really took me back. My Dad died when I was 5 & I have such vivid memories of greeting him when he came home from work everyday. He’d swing me around and give me a huge hug. I knew I was important to him and that I was loved. Beautiful post & thank you for taking me back to a happy, happy time in my life. 🙂

  4. This was very lovely, thanks for sharing it. As a child my family always made trips to the beach for weekends and summer vacations. It is the place I feel at peace and where I remember by greatest times.

  5. I think back to when I was little and my Mom would read one of my favorite books to me when I was little. I read the same ones to my kids now and every time I do, it reminds me of being little. 🙂

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  8. Full circle! I loved this post, and simple pleasures. I am always looking to simplify whereas in my previous life I love chaos and complexity. Amazing how I’m so much happier now 🙂

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  10. I was pretty close to my dad as a child too, and I remember being so happy when he got me chocolates…even when I was a teenager!

  11. I was very close to my dad growing up too. He was always the one I talked to the most, I still call him every night to check on him before I go to bed 🙂 Sweet post!

  12. Life’s simple pleasures is a gorgeous day spent outside, hearing my kids laugh & have fun and a cool drink in my hand. Sometimes it doesn’t take much!

  13. Lovely post. I really don’t remember much from my childhood. My dad has always been a hard worker and always loved to be around my siblings and me. Let’s just say that my old man is my hero.

    My life’s simple pleasures: spending time with my family, talking to my dad on the phone (he lives in TX and we live in WA), big hugs and slobbery kisses are always bliss.

  14. Life’s simple pleasures for my husband & me is visiting our grandchildren, or having them come to visit us. They live 6 1/2 hours away and right now, that is not too much of a burden. We are so thankful that we live so close to them. In the evenings, we all, including their parents, sit in the living room & just laugh at them. They are such a blessing! Thank you, Lord.

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