Lunch Box Food Safety Tips for Kids and a Free Printable!

Kids are back to school in September. I cannot believe, time is flying so quickly. My baby will be in Grade 1 soon…

To celebrate, starting now through next month, I will be writing a bit about back to school- beginning with this post on Lunch Box Safety Tips for Kids to Ways to Save on After School Sports and Shopping for School Supplies. There will be giveaways as well. 

So gear up everyone! Enjoy this free printable on lunch box notes as a gift 🙂 Because I am nice! 

Lunch Box Notes Free Printables

Lunch Box Food Safety Tips for Kids

These lunch box food safety tips will keep your kids healthy and secure no matter what you send with them as the school starts for the new academic year.  Food safety is a big deal in all areas of our lives, but especially when it comes to our children.  Kids are much more susceptible to food born illness, and since their lunches aren’t always in the most secure places for temperature control each day these tips will keep them safe no matter what you send.

Lunch Box Food Safety Tips for Kids

Always pack ice packs

 Ice packs are simple to add into lunch boxes and inexpensive.  There is no reason to not use them to keep food safe.  There are hard ice packs, soft gel packs that stay frozen, and always the option of putting ice in baggies or containers to add into the lunch box with food.  Freezing fruit and even water or juice to pack and thaw while keeping foods around it cold are excellent choices as well.

Avoid ending foods that spoil easily

  Sometimes you know your child will be in a location where keeping their lunch box climate controlled is impossible.  Even with ice packs, it can occasionally not be enough to keep things cool when in extreme heat.  That is when you simply pack foods that don’t spoil easily.  Pack things like peanut butter and jelly, chips, pretzels and water instead of creamy dressings, lunch meat sandwiches or milk.

Avoid cross contamination

 From being careful while preparing your lunches, to making sure you keep things in separate containers or bags this is important.  Most important while preparing things.  Raw meats, eggs and unclean counters and utensils can lead to food born illnesses in no time.  Make sure you prepare lunches in clean areas with clean utensils that have been sanitized ahead of time.

Remind children not to share

 One of the biggest lunch box food safety tips you can be sure to follow is simply reminding your children to not eat from another kids lunch box.  No swapping foods, treats, sandwiches or eating after each other.  Not only could their be a food included that your child is allergic to, there may be an illness spread by eating after each other.

These lunch box food safety tips for kids are perfect for keeping them healthy this school year.  Remember to check out all the great fun lunch box ideas out there that include safe foods in Bento boxes, great wraps, alternate foods served in a Thermos and more.



  1. I love the tips and the printables. I always pack an ice pack with my son’s lunch. I’m surprised that not everyone does.

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