Make Great Summer Salad Recipes with Nordica! #GayLeaMom

Time to hunt for great summer salad recipes, don’t you think?

I have a refreshing summer salad recipe to share today which you are going to love!

Basil and watermelon salad is a unique twist on sweet and savory flavors, and sure to satisfy any palette. It is easy to make, and perfect for your backyard summer barbeques and parties. Gay Lea’s Nordica cottage cheese was perfect to whip up a yummy salad my family loved!  

Make Great Summer Salad Recipes with Gay Lea

Take a look  below at one of the great summer salad recipes ever!  Make your own cool and crunchy basil and watermelon salad, just in time for the hot summer months 🙂

Basil and Watermelon Summer Salad

Great Summer Salad Recipes with Watermelon and Basil

Ingredients you will need

2 cups of Nordica cottage cheese

1 cup of chopped watermelon

1 teaspoon of dried basil (fresh is fine too, just rinse and chop)

Salt and pepper to taste

1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, optional


1. Begin by chopping the watermelon into small chunks. Be sure all seeds and rind are removed.

 Great Summer Salad Recipes-Water Melon and Basil Salad

2. In a mixing bowl, gently fold the watermelon and cottage cheese. You don’t want to handle the watermelon anymore than necessary, as this releases the juice and can make the salad watery. Instead, handle it with care.

 Great Summer Salad Recipes-Water Melon and Basil Salad

3. Sprinkle in the dried basil. Stir. If you wish to use fresh basil, by all means go for it. Just rinse the basil leaves, chop, and stir in.

4. Optional: Finish by drizzling the salad with balsamic vinegar. This just gives it an extra pop of flavor. Feel free to skip this ingredient if you don’t care for the flavor. It won’t hurt the dish if you decide not to use it.
 Great Summer Salad Recipes-Water Melon and Basil Salad
When your salad is complete, it is best to chill it prior to serving. Even 30 minutes in the refrigerator seems to make the flavors meld together and make the salad taste great. Just cover the bowl with plastic wrap and chill until you are ready to enjoy it. If you wish, you can even serve this salad in a watermelon rind. If serving a large crowd, it makes for quite an impressive display!

See how easy this summer fresh basil and watermelon salad can be? It is easy to make in large batches to feed a crowd, or make a small bowl to enjoy as a side dish. Either way, you will find it to be one of your favorite summer side dishes!

My Basil and Water melon  salad was such an interesting play on flavors and I so want you guys to try it out! 

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