Make Halloween Costumes from your Closet!

Lots of people look for ways to save money on costumes and one of the best ways to do that is to make a costume from things you probably already have in your closet or around your home. Not only is it money-saving, but these costumes are great for last-minute ideas since they don’t require a bunch of extra shopping for special costume pieces. Here are 9 costume ideas you can probably whip up in no time, from your own closet!

Make Halloween Costumes from  Closet

Make Halloween Costumes from Closet!

So, let’s get started!

Katniss from The Hunger Games

You will need:

Black leggings, brown tunic top with a hood or brown hoodie, brown or black boots, a leather bag, and a toy bow and arrow set.

Dress in the clothes and put finishing touches on such as braiding the hair in a solid braid to the side. You can also cut out a Humming Jay pattern from a piece of cardboard and attaching it to the top with a safety pin.

Cat Lady

You will Need:

A bathrobe, a towel, green face paint, slippers, Pj’s, small stuffed cats

Dress in the bathrobe, slippers and pjs. Tie your hair up in the towel and secure with a bobby pin. Apply green face pain to resemble a face mask. Place toy cats in the pockets of the bathrobe.

Static Cling

 Dress in a solid color sweat suit. Pin socks, small towels and other small pieces of laundry all over your outfit.


Wear a button down white shirt and black pants. Make a hat out of cardboard or find one at a thrift store. Put on an apron and for extra effect, “paint” on “stains” with face paint all over the apron. Have your trick-or-treater carry a light pot to collect candy in for extra effect.

80’s Girl

Crimp hair or place it in a side pony. Wear leggings-the louder the better. Layer on the costume jewelry and heavy bright colored eye shadow. Take an old sweatshirt and cut the neck out.


Wear a flannel, boots, suspenders, jeans and a beanie style hat. Carry a toy axe. Make sure to add black face paint smudges on the face to look like dirt.

Waldo from “Where’s Waldo?”

This one is super easy. Just wear a red and white striped top, jeans, black plastic framed glasses, a red beanie and black boots.


Get a black t-shirt and attach yellow duct tape to it in stripes. Wear black leggings and make wings from cardboard. To give yourself the “feelers”, turn an old headband into them by raiding your art supplies and attaching pom-poms to pipe cleaners and then attaching to the headband.


For this costume, you will need a white shirt, a brown vest, black pants and a bandana. You can add an eye patch in for extra effect.

Make Halloween Costumes from Closet

Hope you like these ways to make Halloween costumes from closet. Do you already have the costumes decided for Halloween or still looking for ideas? Will this help?


Make Halloween Costumes from your Closet!


  1. What cute ideas. Not going to lie, I was born in the 80’s so the crimping hair one is one I would probably totally do!

  2. Great ideas Vinma! These days I make my kids make their costumes instead of buying stuff and they come up with pretty good ideas. I like the DIY stuff better!

  3. Fantastic ideas – Costumes are outrageously expensive for something that will only be worn once! My daughter has created her costumes from her closet for the past couple of years. I think it is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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