Make Tangible Memories for your Family with Life Casting

Have you heard of Life Casting or Life Molding? Well, neither have I. We normally don’t intend to find out more or do research on stuff  we don’t think exists in this world, right?

So, newsflash! Life casting exists.

What is it, you ask? According to Wikipedia,  Life casting is a process of creating a three dimensional copy of a living human body through the use of molding or casting techniques.

Life casting Life Molding

I heard about it just 2 weeks ago from Gabriel George. He is a designer who stands out from rest of the crowd through his versatile talents. Gabriel is a Sculptor, Designer and Artist. While his abilities are many and may take me few blog posts to describe, I would focus on the Sculpturing part today.

Gabriel helps his customers to make memories. In his own words: ” I make memories from part of you.” Feel the power of that sentence? I loved it! With the help of molding he does, memories suddenly become something we can touch and feel for all the years to come! How cool is that?

For example, Gabriel did the life casting for my family of 4. He took the caste of our hands and turned it into a fine piece of art. Like this!

A photo posted by Vinma Joseph (@amomlessmom) on

Look closely at this picture, you will see every detail of the skin on our hands- every pore, every wrinkle and each tiny blemish. And it makes this piece of art realistic which I love!

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My family would like to thank Gabriel for helping us make memories. You are truly a genius! A patient Sculptor when your tiny models ( My kiddos) showed little cooperation in posing for you 😉

I am glad we took the time to stop our busy life a little and decided to mold one of the moments in our life for posterity. Interested in what you see? Please visit Gabriel George’s  site to learn more.


***Disclosure: I was provided free service to facilitate a review but my opinion is honest and based on personal experience****

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