Following your Dreams and Marcia’s New Book!

Often times, we hear people talking about the importance of doing what you love and chasing your dreams no matter what. The essence of life and the fulfillment of its existence comes from the deep setting belief  and confirmation of following one’s heart. There is one life for all of us (though I have heard of cultures believing in rebirths and such, but that is beside the point!) and we would rather live it in our own terms, right?

How to find your Dream Job

One of the missions (out of many,ha!) of my life is to become an Author! There, I said it! I have always wanted to be one (don’t ask me why) although I don’t have a single clue as to how to turn my mission/dream into a reality. I decided to blog and started A Momless Mom couple of years ago in the hopes of taking this particular mission one step closer to realization. Blogging has helped me definitely to hon my writing skills and carve a clear path to the destination where I want to arrive eventually. I make it a point to write every day as per the advice of my dear friend and author of Peacock Swamp The Nine, Katie Femia. I met her through one of the day to day “blogging businesses” and she striked me as a kindred spirit. Katie has given me (and still giving me) some valuable writing advice which has helped me tremendously in following my heart with a conviction I never had before. Thank you for that Katie!

Author Katie Femia

Katie has written a week long guest post series for A Momless Mom readers and it is a must read if you are a wannabe writer or simply looking for ways and ideas to work from home!

Anyways, Like Katie, I have known and befriended  authors like Emily Mah Tippetts (love all of her books!) who was also a guest blogger once on A Momless Mom. Check out what she has to say on becoming a successful writer.

Guess I might have a case of surrounding myself with awesome authors so that I can become one! Talk about strange beliefs, eh?  🙂

Meet Debut Author Marcia Kester DoyleMarcia

Today, I want to introduce you all to Marcia Kester Doyle and her debut book, Who Stole my Spandex?. Marcia is a friend first, and an author second. I have known her for about two years now and she is one of the beautiful, funny and intelligent person I know!I am a regular reader of her blog, Menopausal Mother and I frequent almost all of the virtual blogger groups where she is a member. Marcia was a guest blogger here at my site, I think sometime last year, and it was a great read for my audience and me! She specializes in Teenagers- Yup, that’s right! After all she has 4 grown up kids of her own. Her stories are laced with humor and wisdom and she has a way of telling stories that will make you wanna think “Hey, I think she is talking about me!”

Who Stole My Spandex?

(A review based on ARC received for free)


Who Stole My Spandex? is no different. This book is a collection of events that happened in Marcia’s life at one time or the other, but mostly after she hit menopause. Marcia also talks about her family at length and by the end of the book, we know each and every one at her house like the back of our hand!  Some of the stories are funny and some are downright hilarious (yeah! That’s right!) that you will fall out of your chair and roll around on the floor laughing 🙂 . There are stories where we will see the Author doing some serious soul searching and you may find yourself pausing from it all in a quiet companionship with her.  At some point in the book as you read a particular story, you may see yourself in her (it could freak you out a little !Just kidding 😉 ) and you realize how similar you both are!

I loved this book, each and every chapter of it! The fact that Marcia followed her dreams and made this book happen gives me courage and inspiration to follow my dreams as well with a renewed strength..

As for the book, Who Stole My Spandex?, I can already see it in the New York Times Best Seller list! It is just a matter of time 🙂

To your success, Marcia!


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