Mason Jar Craft Idea- Gorgeous Golden Mason Jar

Looking for mason jar craft ideas? You have come to the right place!

How do you like to make your next dinner party pop with color and glamour with your own golden mason jars?

Mason Jar Crafts Ideas- Gorgeous Golden Mason Jar

This gorgeous mason jar craft idea does not cost you a lot of money to create! It can be made in just minutes, and all they require are two supplies. You can buy gold glass vases at a specialty shop or boutiques for big bucks, or you can make your own for much less. Take a peek at how you can get started crafting your own!

Gorgeous Golden Mason Jar Craft- Supplies

Glass mason or canning jar
Gold spray paint
Water (optional)

Mason Jar Crafts Ideas- Gorgeous Golden Mason Jar

We found our can of golden spray paint for around $3 a can. A little goes a long way, and can cover at least 7-8 jars. Now that is a terrific value!

Gorgeous Golden Mason Jar Craft -Directions

1. Begin by washing your jars well. This will help the paint stick. Wash them with soap and water and dry them thoroughly.

2. Once the jars are dry, place them on some newspaper to protect your surfaces.

3. Hold the spray paint can 6-7 inches from the mouth of the jar. Spray at an angle directly into the jar. You want the color to be on the inside of the jar, not the outside.

4. Continue making quick, short sprays of paint directly into the jar from all angles.

5. You will now be able to look and see that the glass is fully coated. If not, go back and fix any spots you may have missed.

6. If you want the paint to have a chippy look, add a few drops of water to the jar and swish it around. This will cause some of the paint to flake away for a vintage and worn look. If you don’t want this look, just allow the jars to dry as is.

Once your jars are dry (wait at least 24 hours) you can use them for all of your decorating purposes. Fill them with your favorite flowers and really watch them shine!

That’s it! How do you like this mason jar craft idea?

These gorgeous golden mason jars are so simple to make yet offer so much class. Give them a try and see how easy it can be to spruce up your space!



    1. Oh, this mason jar will go quite well with your golden home decor then! Have fun 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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