Meet Mazda3 GT 2014! The New Good Looking Sedan on the Block!

I am so excited to share with you today my experiences driving around the all new Mazda3 GT 2014!

Mazda3 GT 2014- A Review

I have test driven other vehicles from Mazda before, like Mazda CX5 and CX9 (make sure you read the reviews if you are in the market for a new car or a crossover this year!) and I am all too familiar with this Auto maker! Testing them is a real treat- who said, business and pleasure cannot be mixed together 😉

Mazda vehicles are awesome period! So, I was very happy when I got to test the Mazda3 GT. I knew it was smaller than the CX5 and CX9 since it is a small sedan but wanted to try it out all the same! I figured it won’t be as spacious as the other two I had dealt with but wanted to see how useful it would be for a family of 4 if they end up buying one. Anyways, let me tell you that I was pleasantly surprised! How, you ask? well, read along 🙂

Mazda3 GT 2014- Review

For one week I was able to test the Mazda3 GT, which was plenty of time for it to perform for our daily routines. Considering we are a family with children, we are quite active and always on the go. We need a car that is reliable, powerful, roomy, provides plenty of storage, and is gas friendly. The Mazda3 GT was really going to be put to the test with our family. I hoped it was up to the challenge and was excited to see what the week would bring for us.

Because first impressions are everything, I noticed right away how roomy and spacious the vehicle was. It provided ample room for children as well as sufficient leg room for adults. Don’t let the compact size of the car fool you, there was still a sufficient amount of trunk storage as well. The clean lines and sporty exterior are not only fashionable, but offer a modern and sophisticated look as well. I enjoyed having both worlds, the clean and modern look as well as the family friendly features. There seems to be the impression that family cars can’t look sporty or have any style, but this vehicle puts that myth to rest. As you can see, it offers all of those things.

Mazda3 GT 2014- Review

Mazda had good power since it was GT, which offered great pick up and easy control. We felt like we had everything we needed at our finger tips with controls as well. The power features, windows, and GPS system made for simple travel with little distractions. I also found the easy to use GPS helped us save on gas, since we were better able to plan our driving routes. This was a huge bonus for me!

A few other features I was quite impressed with was the Bose sound system, the alloy wheels, back up sensors, climate control, blue tooth, sensory powered window wipers, and more. Whether you are heading across town to go shopping at the mall or across the country to visit friends and family, this vehicle can get you there in comfort, style, and with all of the amenities you could want to make your ride easier. The easy to navigate dash also lets me keep my eyes on the road instead of fooling around with controls. I appreciated that and so did my family.

Do you think all of these perks need to come at a hefty price?

Now let’s talk pricing!

The wonderful thing about this vehicle is it comes in many varieties as far as features. You can opt for more or less features depending on your needs and find the perfect Mazda3  for you. This way, you are not only getting a car with the features your family needs or you desire, but you are getting a car that fits in your budget, which we all know is important.

I really enjoyed my week of test drive with the Mazda3 GT, as each day it continued to surprise me with a new perk that made my trip a little more enjoyable and a little easier. I have to say my children enjoyed it as well, which always says a great deal about a vehicle.

Consider giving the Mazda3 GT a test drive of your own so you can see all of the benefits it has to offer. Like me you will be impressed with the visual appearance, style, power, and many features the car has to offer. I hope this review has been helpful to you, and given you a better understanding of the Mazda3 GT and all that it can provide you!

****Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to test drive this vehicle for one week period for review purposes****


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