4 Ways Moms can Practice Mindfulness Right Now!


As Moms, a majority of us suffer from a condition called ‘busy brain’! Known as ADHD or Hyperactivity disorder or whatever, it is there. In some shape or form to make our already hectic and sometimes miserable life off the charts screaming chaos! Our minds are constantly on overdrive. Think high powered wiring buzzing through our brains with gazillion thoughts at any given time. Even picturing that makes me go all crazy!

Can you rest when your mind is like a beehive with constant chatter? NO

Can you have a moment of peace when you are already worried about what to make for dinner tonight? NO

My dear, did you even forget how to block off all that noise and enjoy some quality time for yourself? PROBABLY.

It is that struggle with feelings that are not in your control quite yet. A certain helplessness in reigning your mind or ruling it rather, bringing it under control. Practicing mindfulness for busy moms is not an impossible task. It is difficult but doable. 

The art of practicing mindfulness really comes down to being more aware of what you’re thinking. It is about controlling your thoughts from getting all frazzled. When you learn to practice mindfulness in your life, you’ll feel more relaxed and happier. It is easier said than done, you might think. Or even say it out loud as you read this now. Yep sister, I can hear ya! 😉 But guess what? We are in the same boat, remember? I have done all the grunt work for you.

I fretted, I fumed, did research and came up with a bunch of killer ideas on how to practice awesome mindfulness in our everyday living. Well, this is just research stuff, agree. But it is a start at least? Take some me-time to read this today, bookmark your find (It’s gold, mind you!) and then start practicing. Intentionally. Daily.

So without delay, dig into this guide for practicing mindfulness for Mothers.

4 Ways Moms can Practice Mindfulness Right Now!


Practicing mindfulness for Mothers

Focus on Breathing

Let me start with the simplest trick in the books! Breathing. Just joking. 

While this may sound like a difficult feat for anyone with a busy mind, you can learn how to focus on breathing regardless of how busy your mind is. Start to pay attention to your breathing at different times during your day to day life. Pause your thoughts and your whole body, stand or sit there while you simply focus on your inhaling and exhaling. Breathing slowly and focusing on this will help to bring your mind back to a calmer and present state in your life. Sign up for Yoga if time allows you for a solid understanding of how to use breathing techniques to practice mindfulness, at least beginning stages.  

Stop to Smell the Flowers

I think the saying is more like, “stop to smell the roses”, but I think you’ll understand what I mean as I further explain it. When you take time to pause and engage your senses you’ll soon start to naturally practice mindfulness in your life. Being more aware of your surroundings and the beauty that life has to offer you will help you learn to be present at every moment in your life. This skill of engaging your senses will truly make it easier to be more mindful of everyday experiences. 

Practice Gratitude

Another way to practice mindfulness for mothers is by being intentional about gratitude. Consider purchasing a gratitude journal to document your grateful experiences and thoughts each day (like this one!).

Mindfulness for mothers

You may do this at the start of your day or the end of the day, but I truly advise that you start your day by writing in your gratitude journal. This will make you consciously aware of positive thoughts which will in turn naturally allow you practice mindfulness in your life all day long. Personally, I write journals. I have been keeping journals since grade school. I have the habit of writing every day and it sort of gives me perspective. You may think nothing about journalling or having a gratitude journal, but let me tell you. Words have the power to heal and rest your mind. It is therapeutic. Like they say, what is there to lose?  There are many gratitude journals or journals to purchase online or you can make your own by using a simple notepad.

Give Yourself Entirely to the Moment

Lastly, if you truly want to practice mindfulness in your life and want to know the basic way to do this, then learn to give yourself entirely to the moment. I am guilty of not being present my 100% often times when my kids are talking to me or they want to play with me. I am either preoccupied with cooking or cleaning something lame or tapping away on my computer. Yes, I do feel terrible after realization hits me but usually, I allow that moment to pass thinking I will make it up to them next time.  

With each passing moment, we take for granted or are not one-hundred percent present, we miss out on amazing experiences. Learn to take control of your thoughts by focusing a friend who’s speaking to you, your kids playing, YOU playing WITH THEM or having a dinner out so that your mind is free of the clutter and truly experiencing these amazing memorable moments.


Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? But for reals, is it? NO! It’s pretty hard to slow down when there are a thousand and one things demanding our attention every nanosecond. But as life goes on and we NEVER take a minute to stop and smell those roses and take a deep calming breath, bad things happen. Bad things like ADHD, health issues, depression.. the list goes on. Remember, we have to be our own best version so that we can be the BEST Mom our kids deserve. And they do deserve that, right? 


Practicing Mindfulness for moms

Practicing mindfulness for mothers won’t come easily and it is something you have to constantly work on. While this may take some hard work, I can tell you this – once you’ve mastered your ability to practice mindfulness in your life as a busy mom, you’ll soon see a new positive version of yourself.

And these 4 ways of practicing mindfulness for mothers will set you up for success on your road to wellbeing. 


Share the wisdom so others too could benefit 🙂 


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  1. I am not a mom but I have seen my mother going through exactly same ‘busy brain’ syndrome. I’ll show her these techniques for sure. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this post.

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