Mom Care Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Dear Moms

I am sure your days are turning out to be hectic  than usual leading up to Christmas. There are things to do-decorating your home, holiday baking, and let’s not forget holiday shopping. Have you done your shopping yet? Please don’t freak out, that question may sound ominous. But it is not. There are a few more days left and Malls are open 24X7, so you are good.  But what about wrapping all those gifts? The stuff that you already purchased must be sitting in the darkest corner somewhere deep inside your home, begging to be gift wrapped…Just stop!Don’t think. Put a mental full stop.

Let’s just keep all these holiday woes for another Because, today is all about you. If you haven’t started dropping hints to your significant other and loved ones about what YOU would like to get this Christmas, you better start now. I come bearing with ideas, gift ideas that is. 

Couple of  brands I work with helped me to put together this gift guide. And can I just say, their gift ideas are amazing? Yes, they are!

For example, this Light Weight Natural Spa Robe from terra20 is heaven!

You won’t even realize you are wearing it. So comfy, almost like your favorite T-shirt. I do walk around my house in it (no I am not crazy but it is that good!)and it feels wonderful! Stylish as well, if that matters to you. It’s a kimono-style interlock robe that’s soft, but also sleek and sumptuous. Check it out and add it your holiday wish list, STAT! 

I also received this bath bomb from Bathorium, a Toronto based company that provides luxury bathing products. If you haven’t gotten an opportunity to experience this one, you are missing out!The release of soft floral fragrance in the water will take your tired mind and body to ultimate relaxation point. I dozed off for almost an hour and woke up rejuvenated and refreshed. And sleeping in my tub? It is unheard of when it comes to me. Just sayin’ 😉

Bathorium soaps are made from natural oils, salts, clays and butters that detoxify and moisturize your skin. The products are made in Canada, free of harmful ingredients, and vegan-just in case you are wondering 🙂

My new best friend in the kitchen is this beauty, H2Only Cleaning Cloth. Again courtesy of terra20. 

Made from durable microfibers, this cleaning cloth is washable and reusable. You just need to add water. With one swift stroke, your glass, granite, stainless steel, windows and chrome will sparkle as new! If you own one H2Only, you don’t even need to buy spray cleaners, cleaning chemicals and all those boring stuff. This is a genius invention, one I am sure our bunch is going to love! Best of all, you can wash them in your washing machine. So, drop hints left, right and center to everyone you know and make sure to get one of these for Christmas. Believe me, life is so much easier with H2Only around.
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Great news! terra20 has free shipping until December 23rd, so you are covered on that front!
Now, last year I did a review on Charmed Aroma candles as part of Mothers Day gift ideas.

Charmed Aroma Candle Giveaway

Coming to think of it, they are perfect as a Christmas gift too, don’t you think? There is jewelry hidden in each candle ranging in worth from $10 to $5000! Every candle is made with high quality soy wax blend grown from North American farmers. They are made with a cotton, lead-free wick which causes a noticeable difference of fresh and inviting fragrance. Read more about them here and decide if it is a nice addition to your holiday wishlist. 
I hope my Mom Care Holiday Gift Guide gives you tons of ideas to add to your wishlist. Make sure you get at least one of the items from here because ladies, you are worth it! 
P.S: Check out few other gift ideas here.
***Disclosure: We received the products mentioned here free of cost to facilitate the review. The opinions expressed above are honest and based on true experiences. We also thank the Sponsors for participating in our Holiday Gift Guide this year****


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