Mother’s Day Tea Party Ideas

Plans for Mothers day?

If not, consider a tea party for your Mom!

This year you can celebrate with these Mother’s Day Tea Party Ideas that are perfect for a special and unique day just for mom.  Whether you are grabbing the kids to host a special family only tea party, or making it a special event for your favorite girlfriends to enjoy too, these ideas will help you have fun and stay in budget.

Recognizing the dedication and work of our moms is important, and a Mother’s Day tea party is a great way to celebrate that, agree?

Mother’s Day Tea Party Ideas

Mother's Day Tea Party Ideas

Princess Themed Tea Party

Just because you are an adult and a mother doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy some fun being treated like a princess.  A Princess themed tea party includes tiara’s, dressing up in a nice dress, and if you have little girls invited you get to encourage them to dress up.  Princess themed Mother’s Day tea party ideas include having the men dress as butlers to serve you and making sure everyone refers to you as, “My Lady”.

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Downtown Abbey Themed Tea Party

If you are a fan of Downtown Abbey, you could have a wonderful theme party that includes costumes and traditional British tea snacks.  Scones, finger sandwiches and various teas will have everyone happy while feeling special with their favorite television show theme.  For the real die hard fans, you can even make this mother’s day tea party also a fun viewing party in the process.

Classic Girls Tea Party & Spa Day

 Finger sandwiches, cookies, small cakes and scones are amazing treats to serve at a classic tea party.  After tea, you can set up fun at home spa treatments with facials and having fun giving each other pedicures and manicures.  You can even include some fun time making your own homemade foot scrubs, whipped body lotions or even mixing your own fun colors of nail polish with your girlfriends.  Serving tea and snacks while having a fun crafting party is a great way to bond with your friends.

Family Friendly Tea Party

 A tea party for the whole family can be a it more relaxed with your favorite treats, but served in a casual manner.  Finger sandwiches with things like dips, chips, pretzels and cookie will satisfy everyone in the family.  Serve tea, punch, lemonade or even some special sangria or mimosa’s for the adults.  Classic party games like horseshoes, croquet or badminton will keep everyone busy and full of laughs.

Creating a celebration that focuses on the special moms in your life is what is at the heart of these Mother’s Day tea party ideas.  Setting aside the time to create an event that is focused solely on the mom in your life shows them that you realize how important they are.

While a traditional tea party is the goal, there are some things you might need to keep in mind.  For a mother who has gluten allergies, the cookies, cakes and sandwiches may not be easy to make.  Instead, use things like fresh fruit, vegetable platters and other treats to create a tasty tea that your mom can still enjoy.


Hope this post helps to throw a memorable party for that special woman in your life.

Happy Mothers Day!




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