My Meditation Planner Printable Free


I wanted to make a meditation planner for a while now.

With everything that’s going on, often I find it hard to be in that place of creativity to whip up something fun. The idea was to put something together before Christmas and share on the blog. As a gift to you!  In this case, a simple printable to keep track of your meditation journey if you have one. Ok, so I finally got to somewhere with this, Yay!  Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done to help you stay on course with your meditation practice.

My Meditation Planner Printable


My Meditation Planner allows you to stick to a duration of practice per session, type of meditation you choose to do on a particular day and also an affirmation to go along. The last one isn’t necessary but in case you decide to have one, this planner has a place to write it down. You can either use a single sheet of this printable per week or choose to have one sheet per day- whichever works.


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If you are like me with lots of thoughts going on in your head, then one sheet per day would be a good idea. Just download the printable to your computer and print away as needed! I have all my sheets together on a binder so everything is in one place rather than scattered about. This is also a great way to know where you are at your journey with your meditation practice.


My Meditation Planner Printable Download FREE!



My Meditation Planner Printable
                                                              Click on the Image to download PDF Copy


I was in a rush to make this one so kindly ignore the short comings with the printable if you are a seasoned meditator. You may think the planner could have used more rows and columns and what not. Trust me, a more comprehensive one is coming up shortly. My Meditation Planner is more for a beginner meditator who is looking for necessary tools to get started. This will qualify for your needs!


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I can’t wait for you to try it out. I am open to your feedback as well after using. It will help me to improve on my future meditation printable projects.


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