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Friends! I have news!

I have  decided to up my game in social media! What does this mean? Well, today I uploaded my first ever video on You Tube!

And I feel accomplished and complete.

Agreed, I had to do this as part of a campaign requirement but I was looking at breaking into You Tube stream anyway. It was never a good time until now. And I took the plunge. I did do some research though as I was clueless with the whole recording thingy.Plus, I do have a bad case of stage freight too. Doesn’t help, does it? 🙂

Influenster- Connecting Influencers with Brands

But all of that is behind me and now there is a video out there in my name. I have to thank Influenster Canada for helping me achieve this milestone as it is their campaign on Hasbro Games that steered me into this. You will read more about this campaign in the coming days through my blog and social media channels (and now, it includes You Tube as well, may I add?). I am beyond proud!

Monopoly Junior Game from Influenster #GameNight

Does it sound weird that I had this You Tube account since 2012 with 240 subscribers? Yup! Don’t ask me how it happened, but it happened!My channel was empty.There was no action, no video. But I guess, my subscribers had faith in me and they must have known that I will come through, eventually…And I did!

I must tell you though, the aforementioned video of mine may fall short of your expectations as I am a newbie in this stream. As you can appreciate, I am on a steep learning curve and it could reflect in my presentation. So, cut me some slack, will ya? 🙂

Anyway, Please do check out my video. And while you are it, subscribe to my channel too since I am planning on uploading some amazing (questionable, I know 😉 ) videos shortly!


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