4 Fun Outdoor Activity Ideas for Kids to do Right Now!


Looking to infuse some more fun into these last days of summer? Below, I share 4 outdoor activity ideas for kids to promote active living! Not to mention, these are perfect for the weather we have right now to get out and enjoy with family 🙂


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When children go off to school, you are safe in the knowledge that they are doing something good. Learning, socializing with friends and being active. But yet, when they come home they can often relegate themselves to their bedrooms and get engrossed in one thing, video games. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a little downtime, is there? But, it shouldn’t be the only option your children have. For my kids, screen time is pretty limited in summer- they gotta use them in little time slots throughout the day and I only reward them with it when chores assigned are completed. That way my kids appreciate being online and wouldn’t misuse their gadgets and usage of the internet. That being said, there are other much healthier ways to entertain kids when the school is out. Although little ones are soon back to school, hopefully, you could these ideas for the remainder of summer days to have maximum fun with family! 

Consider these following 4 outdoor summer activity ideas for kids to do right now! 


4 Outdoor Activity Ideas for Kids You Should Try this Summer


4 outdoor activity ideas for kids to do this summer


1. Get them involved in playing sports and joining teams


One of the sure fire ways to get your children to enjoy other things aside from video games after school would be to get them involved in sports, and team sports can often be the best answer. Sports like soccer where the FC Barcelona Canada soccer academy, for example, runs classes that your child can join in to could be a great idea. Other sports that could have similar options would be the like of baseball, basketball and hockey. The sports side of things is good for them in terms of their fitness and encouraging them to be active, whereas the team side of things gives them that social aspect and the chance to make new friends.



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2. Could they help you around the house?


Maybe you like the idea of encouraging things at home, and one thing you may want to start including would be added responsibilities around the home. It might be that you want them to take responsibility for their own room and keep it tidy. Or maybe take on other chores such as vacuuming, washing the dishes after dinner or unloading the washing machine when it is finished. Small things, but could help in big ways as they start to grow up and take more responsibility for themselves. 


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3. Encourage them to spend time outside


Being outside is a great way to encourage children to do other things other than getting lost in video games. It might be that you want them to sit outside and read a book or catch up on their homework. It could be that you encourage your child to eat their food outside, or just generally enjoy the milder weather. Or playing games, having fun with friends and siblings.


4. Do things as a family


Finally, maybe you might want to encourage activities that you can do as a family. It could be that you take the family pet dog for a long walk after school, giving you a chance to talk about your days and hear what they have been up to. Maybe it might be a swimming session or hiking trips on the weekend. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we can rarely get one on one time with our children these days, so if you can create the opportunity to do so it can be an amazing thing.


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I hope that these outdoor activity ideas for summer give you some inspiration on how you can keep your children occupied out of school away from video games.



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