Perfect Fall DIY- Flower Pot Pumpkin Craft!

Summer may be over, but don’t toss those flower pots away just yet. Instead, put a fall spin on them when you give these flower pot pumpkins a try! If you are in need of a Fall DIY, this pumpkin craft has you covered!

You only need a flower pot and a few common supplies, and in no time you have the perfect little pumpkin great for filling with treats. Take a peek below at how you can craft your own, as this is a fall craft you won’t want to miss out on!

Fall DIY- Pumpkin Craft

Supplies needed

Small to medium clay flower pot with saucer
Brown pipe cleaner or felt, or a small piece of twig
Orange paint
Paint brush
Hot glue and glue gun
Small candies or treats

We found everything we needed at our local craft store for just a few bucks. Now that is a great deal to have for creating a fabulous Fall DIY as this pumpkin craft!

Now, let’s see how we did it! 🙂


1. Begin by placing the flower pot and saucer on a piece of newspaper. Apply two coats of orange paint. Be sure you allow coats to dry in between.

2. Once your saucer is dry, you can use your hot glue to attach the stem of the pumpkin. A pipe cleaner, piece of brown felt, or even a real twig from your backyard is perfect. Use what you have on hand as all of these options look great. Press it on the bottom of the saucer until it is secure.

3. As long as your bottom flower pot is dry, you can place the saucer back on the top. It will now look like a sweet little fall pumpkin.

Fill the flower pot pumpkin with small candies and give it as a party favor.

You can also use them at place settings at a fall themed meal or party. Either way, this is perfect as a fun and frugal fall DIY! And this cute pumpkin craft is a great way to ring in the season of pumpkins too!- kind of like, two in one shot, no? 😉

Give this flower pot pumpkin a try and let me know how it went for you!

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