Picture Keeper- A Simple Solution for your Photo Backup Needs


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Few years ago, our computer crashed and we lost some files and a LOT of pictures that were stored in the hard drive.  A bunch of photos were backed up in the USB drive but much to our dismay, we learned  that not all of them were safely stored away this way. Our pictures were scattered all over the computer-in different folders and files and there was no way to track all of them as this happened over time.  I used to upload the photos I take into the computer myself to a folder that I created for this purpose.  My husband had his own thing going on with a separate file  to keep his pictures. So, when it came to saving all these pictures that were taken between us  to the USB, it was a no brainer that some of them got lost in the transportation.

We did not realize this until our PC crashed and when I started sorting through the pictures in the USB. I was horrified and helpless in knowing that we had no way of  retrieving the pictures we lost. It was unfortunate also that we did not have a hardware back up in place. The pictures we lost were the ones from the time when my son was born,  his baptismal day, his first birthday party and such-all of them special. I did have some photos from these occasions taken on my phone,so a little consolation was there. But it was not the same as having each and everyone of those  treasured photos in my computer intact, you know?  I just couldn’t get a grip on this awful experience for a long time.  After this  incident, we became a bit more careful in organizing our photos in the computer or our laptop and saving them into our USB religiously. I was always  diligent with this part  as I had no plan to endure yet another disaster with our cherished pictures.

Enter Picture Keeper! A creative solution to ensure the safety of my photos from now on…


Picture Keeper- A Simple Solution for your Photo Backup Needs


What is Picture Keeper, you ask? Glad to answer that.

 It is an all-in-one USB device with embedded software. This software will automatically search for the pictures in your computer and backs them up. All you need to do is plug in your Picture Keeper in the USB port of your computer and you are good to go. There is no need to install software to use the Picture Keeper since it already comes with one. This unique software finds the pictures that need to be saved from your computer and copies them with a few clicks on to your PK. Your photos are copied only once effectively eliminating any duplicates.

The one I got the opportunity to test was PK16. This little gadget has the capacity to store up to 16,000 pictures, no problem!

Picture Keeper- A Simple Solution to backup your photosI was amazed at the simplicity of its workings and its ability to organize my pictures in the blink of an eye!

 Picture Keeper is quite user-friendly. It works well with your Mac and PC.  Once you connect the PK to your PC, an icon will appear  in your desk top. Upon clicking the icon, you will see the Picture Keeper logo. Once there, click on the ‘start backup’ and sit back and relax. And it is show time!


Your PK will get to work by finding all your pictures from the computer no matter wherever they are ( I mean to say, in different folders and such) and organize them. Picture Keeper will arrange your pictures the way you had arranged it in your PC . Yes, it is really that easy. I had about 300 pictures on my computer and after transferring all of them into my Picture Keeper, I was only using about 2% (if that) of its capacity. That is just amazing!

Picture keeper is a perfect gift to give if there is a photographer or anyone who loves to take pictures in your Christmas shopping list. They have items like PK Pro (holds up to 250,000 photos) and PK software (enables you to have your own drives to backup photos) which are very popular right now. Check out their website and Facebook page to get to know more about this intuitive genius called Picture Keeper. 

And guess what? You can now get 15% off when you purchase a PK! What’s more? You also get free shipping as well. Just use this exclusive coupon code  MOMLESSMOM114. Yes, that’s right! This code is available to my readers and  it is good through 1/31/14.So hurry! Take advantage of this offer now. You know it won’t last long! 🙂


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  1. Wow! I never heard of this before…I really could use one of these and this would make for a great Holiday gift. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Thank you Picture Keeper I was so glad to hear I won a picture keeper. I have 1 PK16 and it was full. I also ordered the Christmas 4 pk for gifts. Thanks again

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