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It is not always easy to plan healthy dinner ideas for your weekly menu while working  full time outside your home five days a week, if not six! Okay, I think I started off by stating the obvious, but hey! you get what I am saying and I am right, right?

Healthy Dinner Ideas from Prepd
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In fact, wasting my time planning the dinner for my family during weekdays is my worst pet peeve ever! I could survive if I am just cooking away at my stove for all the days ahead in the week on auto pilot. But along with cooking, I have to also worry about planning what to cook beforehand and how to tackle the grueling grocery shopping that lies ahead. That is NOT fun period.

My current plan of action is to just prepare enough food for us to get through until mid week some how.

What about afterwards, you ask? Well, it is slacking time! Translation: We live off freezer or depend on fast food. Unfortunately,this also means I will have to compromise on healthy dinner ideas when it comes to feeding my family. And what about fresh food ingredients and yummy meals? You can forget about that too!

When Prepd approached me to take a look at their business, I was elated!


Because they came bearing solutions to my problems mentioned above.

Healthy Dinner Ideas from Prepd

How do they do this?

Let’s see:

1. Prepd will plan healthy dinner ideas for you. They will develop tasty recipes that are balanced and packed with nutrients.

2. Once a recipe is in place, Prepd will do the shopping for you! Yay! This is one of the reasons why I like them so much 🙂 At the end of a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is to visit a crowded grocery store and find yourself last in line at the cashier’s. Again, no fun! So Prepd  to the rescue!

3. Now, the third step is the actual prepping of the ingredients that you will need to cook a wholesome meal at home! Prepd will provide you with the exact portions so that all you have to do is just to put all of it together and transform it into a healthy dinner for your family. One word? Easy! 🙂

Healthy Dinner Ideas from Prepd

4. Prepd will deliver the meal kit at your door each week and before you ask… delivery is free!

I got to try Smoked Trout and Asparagus Pesto Linguine from Prepd and it was delicious!The Prepd box came with exact portions and also a recipe card with detailed instructions on how to make this tasty meal in 30 minutes. The Trout was packed with ice and the vegetables were tightly sealed to preserve the freshness. And all I had to do was just show up in the kitchen to cook it in 30 minutes. Now, that is what I am talking about 🙂

Healthy Dinner Ideas from Prepd

I can actually relate to what Adam, the owner of Prepd says:

I started Prepd, truthfully, because everyday my wife and I would message/call one another at 4pm and ask the other what they wanted to do for dinner. That meant with either ended up getting takeout out more than we wanted or one of us had to stand in line, at a grocery store, with everyone else going through the same routine on the way home. So from this daily annoyance and the fact that I knew a lot of families/couples go through a similar routine, I looked for a solution.”

And he found one! Not just for him but for all us who are in the business of being busy elsewhere during the weekdays! Now we can easily plan healthy dinner ideas for our families in a jiffy! Thanks to Prepd!

Interested in knowing more about Prepd? Swing by at their Facebook or Twitter pages and find out what is on their menu this week! 🙂

****Disclosure: I have received free food delivery from Prepd to facilitate a honest review for them****


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