Plan your Child’s Fisher Price Little People Birthday Party Right!

Planning a child’s birthday party can be stressful, which is why our friends at Fisher Price want to help. The makers of Little People, your child’s favorite hands on toys and activities, have launched a way to make birthday planning fun, exciting, and less stressful than ever before. Whether you are planning a party for four or fourteen, Fisher Price is ready to help you pull off the perfect Fisher Price Little People Birthday Party event!

Fisher Price Little People Birthday Party Activities
Image Courtesy:Fisher Price

I recently tried out some of the tips Fisher Price had to offer when planning a Little People party. On their website you will find all sorts of tips to help you plan a themed party for themes such as Wheels on the Bus, Around the World, Barnyard Bash, and PJ and Pancake. Your child is sure to love one of these themes, and the Fisher Price Little People website will have everything you need to make the party happen from party tips to printables.

For our festivities I chose the Wheels on the Bus theme. This would be a perfect theme for toddlers as it is bright, colorful, and gives you lots of décor and party game options! Here are some of the snacks and décor items we created to accompany our Wheels on the Bus themed bash!

Activity 1: Stop Light Snacks

Fisher Price Little People Birthday Party Activity

To create your own Stop Light Snacks you will need

Rice Krispy Treat Bars (buy premade or make your own)

Assorted Skittles candies

Fisher Price Little People Birthday Party Activities

To create your Stop Light Snacks, give each child a Rice Krispy treat. Have them press one red, one yellow, and one green Skittles candy into the bar. In just seconds they will create their own edible stop light, just as they see when they ride the bus.

Activity 2: On the Road Water

FisherPrice Little People Birthday Party Activity

To create an On the Road Water, give each child…

 One chalkboard label


One bottle of water

Fisher Price Little People Birthday party Activity

To create your bottle, draw dotted lines onto the chalkboard label. It will now look like a road or street.

Fisher Price Little People Birthday Activity

Peel and stick the label onto the bottle of water. If you wish, you could also use black construction paper.

Activity 3: Bus Straw Toppers

Fisher Price Little People Birthday Activity

Top of your water with these bus straw toppers. For this activity you will need:

Yellow and black felt



Paper straws

Fisher Little People Birthday Party Activities

To create your school bus straw toppers, cut out a basic bus shape from the yellow felt. If you wish, a simple rectangle will do. Cut out two small black circles and glue them to the bus for wheels. Now, just glue the entire bus to your paper straw and enjoy!

Fisher Price Little People Birthday Party Activities

When you are ready to party, head to the Fisher Price party planning website for more tips on how to throw the perfect party! For example, keeping your guest list small can help keep the party more manageable. Don’t plan your party during traditional naptime, and don’t forget to send thank yous to your guests from your child. At the website you will also find more themed décor ideas, party printables, and so much more!

Make your child’s next party a success when you give Fisher Price Little People party planning tips and tricks a try! It is the perfect way to turn any party into a true child friendly celebration!


****Disclosure: This is a sponsored post done in collaboration with Fisher-Price. But the ideas and opinions stated above are my own and honest****


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