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When it comes to road trips, certain things come to mind…the open road, the wind blowing through my hair and some incredible scenery passing quickly by. In recent times, I have thought of something entirely new. I have started to enjoy road trip cycling. There is nothing quite like loading up your bike and heading out for a unique and exciting cycling adventure.

Plan your Next Road Trip with CAAOne of my biggest concerns was what would happen if my family and I were stranded with a broken down bike in the middle of nowhere. That would be a scary situation. Upon investigating it, I found out that CAA offers a sort of roadside assistance program for bikes! You can actually contact them 24 hours a day and seven days a week for assistance if you have bike trouble on the open road. They will either fix it on the spot, or take you and your bike where you need to go if that is not possible. This service is free to members and is very similar to their award winning automotive roadside assistance. Leave it to CAA to come up with such an innovative and exciting idea for travelers.

They even offer a fantastic app to help you take advantage of this free part of your CAA membership.

The app is phenomenal and will completely change the way you see roadside safety with bikes. It is available for both Android and iPhone and it makes finding new routes super easy in your area. Once you have a location picked out, it will show you scenic routes that will get you the most enjoyment for your ride. Much like a GPS system it will show you the route and what to look for right on the screen. It can also send a message to someone automatically if you should not check in at the end of the ride. In an emergency that is a big feature to have. From repair tutorials for your bike to sharing your favorite routes with friends, this is one app that you must have if you are going to hit the open road with regularity.

You can read all about roadside assistance for bikes here and download the app as well.

I also found out that CAA has a fantastic setup for discovering new biking opportunities and vacations.

Plan your Next Road Trip with CAA

They have vacations from all over the world that showcase the best in road trip cycling and exercise. From the majestic rolling hills of Colorado to the beauty of far away France, CAA offers some very unique maps and ideas for biking.

If you are interested in taking a trip and want to know what is out there, consider visiting their biking vacation page and looking around.  This awesome feature of their website breaks the trip down with maps and highlights some of the must-see sights along the way. Just like the perfect car road trip, the right cycling route is the key to an incredible experience on the open roads riding your bike.

Family road trips are possible as well and there are trips in every part of the world. CAA makes it pretty easy and helps me to feel safe when I plan a cycling trip. Best of all, the cycling is a healthy and fun way to spend time with my family. There is nothing quite like loading up the bikes and heading out on an adventure. You can literally spend all day with your kids and see things you would never notice from a vehicle.

Over time, I plan to visit a great many of the locales on CAA’s list as each of them have a certain allure. I like to see new and interesting things and the idea of accessing them via a bike sounds even more exciting. Although it can seem intimidating, knowing that CAA is just a message or call away makes me feel much better.

Planning a new trip is now very easy and I plan on doing this quite often. If you are interested in cycling in any form, I would certainly suggest you check out CAA for coverage and roadside assistance. You will benefit from it in peace of mind if nothing else. For all things biking and road trip related, visit their page and see why they are one of the most respected names in the business.

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                    *****Disclosure:  This post is written by me in partnership with CAA*****


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