Put your Dreams on Fast Track with Lottoland


What will I do if I win the lottery?


  1. Pay off debts
  2. Giveaway some money to friends and family (hey! I am nice like that)
  3. Put away funds for my kids’ education and future.
  4. Offer financial support to some causes I believe in
  5. Invest quarter of my winnings.
  6. Probably quit my job (not sure of that one yet, because I love what I do!)
  7. Take care of my bucket list items- most of them are travel involved.
  8. Buy an oceanside villa in Santorini, Greece. (This will be my retirement home)
  9. Buy another one in Hawaii (Just because)
  10. Own a bunch of fast cars. Don’t know which ones are awesome, suggestions welcome!
  11. Kevin just told me he wants to buy a BIG plane so we can go wherever and whenever we want. I mean, why not? A BIG plane it is!
  12. Krista really wants to visit Princess Elsa and Princess Anna of Kingdom of Arendelle.  Mommy definitely need some money to create Arendelle out of thin air so my little girl can nourish her imagination and believe in magic!


Play the Lottery like you have never Played before with Lottoland

Play Lottery Like you have never played before with Lottoland


You know it is invigorating to even write this list of things I want to do once I am rich. Future is certainly bright when we have the freedom to follow our dreams and passion when money is no object and sky is the limit.

Think about it.  Every day is just another day in paradise. No worries. Just happy.

Dreaming about Greece and fast cars makes me all starry-eyed guys.

Without getting too much out of hand here, let me introduce you to Lottoland. Well no, you don’t purchase a lottery ticket here but betting on the outcome of the lottery.  Whoa! That’s new!

This concept is a form of betting that gives you the opportunity to play along and bet on lotteries that are not normally accessible to us.

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You are not playing the game direct, instead, you can bet on the results of official lottery draws from around the world, from the Euro Millions to the Irish Lottery and Power Ball.

To understand exactly how this works, have a peek at Lottoland rules of the game.

Now, if you like Lottoland too much and wants to play regularly,  there is a subscription service available that will automatically subscribe you to the chosen lottery which will be activated for Wednesday’s and Saturday’s. Yep, life just got easier, right?

I don’t need a reason to dream. But I feel Lottoland is making me to put my dreams and wishlist on fast-track.

Now, I am off to my secret mood board on Pinterest to add more dream destinations I would like to visit once I win the lottery. Yay!





  1. I feel like I am the unluckiest person whenever I buy a lotto ticket but I still buy them now and then, just for the thrill! I love that you can buy lottery tickets from around the world with Lottoland. I have been tempted to cross the border just to buy a few Power Ball tickets when their jackpot hit around half a billion dollars!

  2. I have never heard of Lottoland! My hubby plays his numbers every week, hoping that one day they will come up. Who knows, maybe they will be I don’t buy lotto tickets. I think they are a waste of money because the odds of winning are so small.

  3. I had never heard of this but it would be fun to play. I also have dreams of living in Greece, I think it’s a beautiful country.

  4. Definitely lots I would do if I won the lottery, nice to dream but the chances of it happening are slim…but hey it is nice to dream.

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