Postal Elves are Ready to Deliver your Letters to Santa!


***Disclosure: I have partnered with Canada Post in bringing you this post****


As a child, I loved writing letters to Santa. That was my time to let the Great Man know the items in my wish list and why I deserve each one of them for Christmas! After all, I behaved well the whole year, didn’t I?  

It was fun times and I truly believed Santa would hear my case and bring me my gifts and leave them under the tree on the appointed day.

There were years when I found everything I wanted under the tree and there were  years when  Santa did not bring me my entire list, but only a few from it, with additional items of his own.

 I remember kneeling down under the tree  perusing my gifts and thanking my generous Santa for making my Christmas wonderful that year. .. I remember imagining him sitting in his mighty throne at  North Pole and smiling down benevolently at me…I remember loving him as a child and how special I felt on Christmas because of him…

As a grown up, I cherish the great tradition of writing letters to Santa and I hope that my children  will have fun doing it this year.

Write Letters to Santa with Canada Post

Thankfully,  Santa’s 9000 elves are ready with their pens, pencils and mail bags to  receive  letters from children addressed to Santa.  And this year, they expect at least a million letters finding their way to North Pole. Santa’s little elves will help him answer all these letters in more than 30 different languages including Braille. Santa’s North Pole Post office have received more than 21.8 million letters since it opened in 1982. Yes, Santa is indeed a popular guy!

However, there are three golden rules to remember when you write letters to Santa, his Chief Postal Elf (CPE), Holly T.Elf says:

1. Don’t forget to include your return address:

Postal Elves need to know where you live since they are the ones delivering Santa’s letter to your home. Santa and Rudolph might know your address, but not the elves.

2. Hurry! Send your letters now:  

Letters are already arriving from all over the world and Santa and Mrs. Claus are reading them now. Santa wants you to mail the letters before December 17th so that there will be enough time for it to travel to North Pole and back. 

3. Remember Santa’s  address:

Once you are finished with the letter, drop it in a mailbox anywhere in Canada and Santa’s elves will work on getting those letters quickly to the big guy. A stamp is not required as Santa has a special arrangement with the Post Office.But please remember to put a stamp on any other letters that you would be sending to your Grandma or other relatives.  This is Santa’s address: 

Santa Claus

North Pole

Canada  H0H 0H0


About the Santa Letter Writing Program

Canada Post is running this volunteer program that consists of current and retired employees donating more than 226,000 hours of their time. This program encourages children to read, write letters and learn about the mail system. 





  1. This looks like so much fun! I’ll have to see if there is something similar to this in the US now that my son is just starting to gain awareness about holidays.

  2. Haha! That zip code is adorable. What a fun tradition to do with your kiddos 🙂 My girls are still pretty little, and I’ve never even taken them to see Santa. I’m somewhat of a Scrooge about holidays (don’t worry, I get a lot of grief for it!). But this sounds too fun! Thank you for sharing!

  3. LOL this is great! We actually do not celebrate Christmas with Santa at all. But I don’t get all upset about people and Santa stuff. We focus more on gift giving to others. It reminds me of what Loveland, CO does here in the states for Valentine’s Day.

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