Practical Tips for the Busy Couponer

You’ve watched the videos and attended the class and read the online tips but being an extreme couponer still seems out of reach with your busy schedule.  Here are a few Practical Tips For The Busy Couponer that should help make your dreams of savings a reality even if you only have minutes here and there to devote to the lifestyle of couponing.   Just because you can’t spend hours a week devoted to couponing doesn’t mean you can’t be a successful couponer and save money for your family budget.


Practical Tips for Busy Couponer




 If your children are old enough to use scissors put them to use clipping coupons and sorting.  In only an hour a week you can help teach them monetary responsibility and accomplish your goals of keeping up with your coupons at all times.


Although you may dream of a stockpile that would rival those of the most famous couponers out there, practicality trumps fame.  Don’t go overboard.  Get 3-5 inserts each week instead of 10-20 some purchase.  This also cuts down on your clipping & sorting time.

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 Take 10 minutes a week to pull expired coupons from whatever storage method you use.  Binders, envelopes and boxes are most common.  The time spent pulling bad coupons will save you the struggle or embarrassment of making a mistake at checkout by inadvertently grabbing an unusable coupon.  This is a great way to help a busy couponer stay on top of their storage system  on a regular basis.


 With so many stores featuring excellent deals that make items free or cheap after coupons, it can be tempting to run around to all the stores to get their individual sales.  Make a note of your preferred stores and those closest to your home and stick with those.  Unless it is something you will really need or use and totally free don’t waste your time or money running all over town for one tube of free toothpaste.


 Check your local area for a local to you coupon swap group.  This is a great way to exchange coupons you can’t or won’t use for those you will.  Some coupon groups also do a co-op where you can shop from each other’s stockpile of items for those you need.  Perhaps you got a bunch of deodorant last month but found out later you can’t use it due to allergies, you could trade it for laundry detergent, toilet paper or soaps you can use from another couponers stock.


Yes there are rare sales on items that make them free or a moneymaker that only come around once or twice a year, but if you miss that sale you are not out of luck.  Every item will go through a sale rotation and coupons will always come out again.  If you have to pay $0.25 next time instead of getting it for free remember that any savings is a good savings.  If you didn’t coupon at all, you would pay full price.  Every dime you save is a great success.

Practical tips for Couponers

Being busy doesn’t prevent you from saving money for your family.  Not everyone can be an extreme couponer but everyone can be a couponer.  Utilize these practical couponing tips to help save your family money even as a busy couponer.



  1. I am best about using coupons and looking for deals at a local drugstore. They have a great program and often tell you when there is a matching coupon in the paper as well. Of all the places I shop, I feel like they have the best sales…and I try to stock up when I see a particularly good deal.

  2. These are some great tips! I am that lady with the binder that spends a long time organizing and cutting coupons, but for the last few months I just don’t have the time. Its good to see other people struggling too, makes me feel not so alone!

  3. Thanks for all the tips. I am not rally so into coupons but I do like a good deal. I will have to try some of them out. I agree that some deal is better then no deal.

  4. I admire you couponing ladies so much. I don’t think I would have the strength to work as hard as you, but I would certainly involve my whole family into it if couponing worked in Israel.. maybe someday… here’s hoping!

  5. Great tips, we have actually started getting just two news papers. I also sort my inserts by like pages and then cut my coupons out so instead of cutting out each one separately, they are a stack (I used to do 10 papers). I do not have a large stock pile as things started expiring too quickly and I could not keep up with rotating things out to donate.

  6. I try to use coupons a lot but our area papers don’t have any good ones anymore and I hate to drive over an hour to pick up Atlanta papers.

  7. Sometimes it seems like couponing is more about stuff than actual savings. Some things you don’t use, and honestly have to seek to donate… it doesn’t make sense to me! I know some people will sell the extras on craigslist or donate them… but others just hoard.

    1. You are right about hoarding Amanda. Some couponers do like to do that.. But others find it as a wonderful way to buy their essentials and still save money. Things are always good in moderation, won’t you agree? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I never got into the coupon frenzy, although I know someone who did. She saved lots of money on many items, but to me the work involved was not worth the effort. We have a coupon basket at work that folks give and take coupons from. It works well for me since I only use coupons for what I usually buy anyway. I also shop the ad at the store and combined with coupons I can usually save $20-$50. This works for me. I wish I was more diligent with it , but I honestly don’t have the time working 1 full and 1 part time job. Great tips on how get the most of couponing.
    Barbara @

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