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Self-care refers to activities and practices undertaken to improve one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It involves taking deliberate actions to maintain and enhance personal health and happiness. Self-care can encompass a wide range of activities, including exercise, meditation, journaling, spending time in nature, practicing mindfulness, and engaging in hobbies and interests.


Silk+Sonder Easy self-care program designed to reduce stress and anxiety through guided wellness journals, community, and personalized digital programming - all in less than 5 minutes a day.



Today I want to talk a bit about journaling.

Journaling plays a significant role in self-care and can have numerous benefits for one’s mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. Here are some key reasons why journaling is important for self-care:

  1. Self-reflection and self-awareness: Journaling provides a space for self-reflection, allowing you to explore your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. It helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your values, and your goals. By regularly writing in a journal, you can enhance your self-awareness and develop a stronger sense of identity.
  2. Emotional expression and release: Writing in a journal offers a safe outlet for expressing and processing your emotions. It allows you to vent your frustrations, acknowledge your fears, or celebrate your joys without judgment. Through journaling, you can release pent-up emotions, reduce stress, and cultivate emotional well-being.
  3. Problem-solving and goal setting: Journaling enables you to clarify your thoughts and gain insights into challenges or problems you may be facing. By writing about your concerns or dilemmas, you can examine them from different angles, brainstorm solutions, and track your progress. Similarly, journaling helps you set and track goals, providing a sense of direction and motivation.
  4. Stress reduction and relaxation: Engaging in the act of journaling itself can be a calming and meditative practice. It allows you to slow down, focus on the present moment, and detach from external stressors. By journaling regularly, you can create a dedicated space for self-care, promote relaxation, and reduce anxiety.

5. Gratitude and positive mindset:Incorporating gratitude into your journaling practice can cultivate a positive mindset and boost your overall well-being. By writing about the things you appreciate and the positive experiences you’ve had, you shift your focus toward the good in your life. This can increase your happiness, resilience, and overall satisfaction.

6. Personal growth and self-compassion: Journaling promotes personal growth by providing a record of your journey, progress, and lessons learned. It allows you to track patterns, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate achievements. Additionally, journaling can foster self-compassion, helping you develop a kinder and more understanding relationship with yourself.

Journaling is a flexible practice, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. You can experiment with different techniques, such as free writing, bullet journaling, or guided prompts, to find what works best for you. The key is to make it a regular habit and allow it to serve as a valuable tool for self-care and self-discovery.

Journaling with Silk+Sonder

Subscription programs related to self-care plus tools and resources associated with it have gained popularity in recent years, offering convenience and curated experiences to support individuals in their self-care routines. These programs typically operate on a monthly or quarterly subscription model, delivering products and services directly to subscribers’ doorsteps. The specific offerings can vary depending on the program, but they often include items like wellness products, self-help books, journals, beauty and skincare products, healthy snacks, and personalized items.

A company that I am proud to be affiliated with Silk and Sonder makes it so easy to stay on track with practicing self compassion, compassion towards others along with  journaling prompts and guidance on a monthly basis.


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What do they do?

Silk+Sonder is a mental wellness platform and community committed to making daily self-help and self-care easy from the comfort of your home. By subscribing to a membership, you receive a new thoughtfully curated, guided monthly journal inspired by positive psychology and access to a members-only community and virtual programming for peer-to-peer support and inspiration.  Their community-driven approach is rooted in principles of positive psychology.  At its core, this company is a space for mindfulness, journaling, planning, tracking, and creative expression—all in one. And THAT is why I am excited about what they bring to the table which aligns so well with the message I try to communicate through my writings on the blog! You just know it in your gut. When you see something or meet someone, YES! This is perfect! Or he/she is the ONE! Yes, that feeling is what I get when I look at their products and what they offer to the community.

Practice Gratitude and Journaling with Silk+Sonder

Silk+Sonder offers an easy self-care program designed to reduce stress and anxiety through guided wellness journals, community, and personalized digital programming – all in less than 5 minutes a day. How cool is that?

And another exciting thing is that they offer  FREE 8-Page Silk + Sonder Printable: Habit Trackers, Mood Trackers + More

One more reason to check out this company!

Ready to create deeper connections and personal growth? Ready to find out more?

Head on over to Silk+Sonder to begin your journey to self care today.

Love and light to you xoxo




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