Reasons Why I love Influenster! #InfluensterNation


Hope you guys are staying warm wherever you are! It is not even December yet and we have started seeing snow already, can you believe it?? My kid go to school in minimum 3 layers now and it takes at least 15 minutes to dress him up cozy every morning- yeah, I know! Sounds familiar,right?

Any ways, back to the task at hand.

Influenster- Connecting Influencers with Brands

I decided to vlog today on Influenster and tell you all the reasons why I like to work with them. If you are a blogger or a social media savvy person, then working with Influenster can be a lot of fun! Like to review new products and give your opinion where it matters? Then, Influenster is the place for you- Listen to me while I talk. Oh,I will try not to bore you to death 😉

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