Recap 2014 with Wine and Dexter

Last of my Christmas shopping was done today and to celebrate, I kicked back with a glass of wine.

And why not right? After all, I deserve that one glass of wine considering the record time in which I managed to tie up all the loose ends of my shopping adventure in spite of a full time job and two little kids demanding attention at any given time!

Yay me 🙂

As I launched myself on the sofa with the current favorite Netflix show, Dexter running in the background, I also thought of the year I had…

Recap 2014

Not too much action to speak of except for one huge decision I made career wise….. changing jobs! It was a decision I was procrastinating for too long but finally pulled the plug just last week.

With a mental pat on my back, I wiped my tears off while walking out of the familiar building one last time…

It was a safe haven that held me together financially for a long time. But enough is enough, I had to leave. I love my career too much and wanted to see it going somewhere.

Resigning was the first step.

I mustered enough courage, just enough to put my decision into action and now all is well!

There is relief and there is hope and I know that 2015 is going to be my year!

Too much optimism? May be tone it down a teeny bit?

Okay, then I will say this instead- I am at a better place now. There is a new job in the picture and I am happy for the first time in years AT A WORK PLACE! Ambition in small doses is always good lol

Another milestone from 2014?

Here is one- I completed 2 years of my blogging life this October..Feels awesome! There is a ton of relationship I built in the blogging world, both with my fellow bloggers and with my clients which I will cherish forever. I am thankful for the success I achieved in a short time and here is to hoping for all things wonderful for this little blog of mine in the coming year…

Most important highlight from this year are my kids- pieces of my own heart…It hurts to think of all the love I have for them..I just don’t know how I can possibly love these little guys with such intensity, but I do…It is scary to know that they roam outside freely and they carry my heart with them wherever they go hence making me vulnerable as hell…


They are my joy, the reason I live for. I can’t wait to wake up with them to yet another New Year morning…

Dexter is still playing on Netflix and he is killing more bad people. Fine by me because the guy knows what he is doing. And I love him for that! 😉

Its getting dark outside. My wine is done now and that is my que to rise from the sofa.

Recapping 2014 is over. I am not a believer of New Year resolutions so no wasting time on that.

Recap 2014

Tomorrow is another day and resolutions are overrated for its own good, if you ask me. But again, that is just me! 🙂

Now, back to present. Kitchen needs my attention.  Dinner will be served exactly at 6.30! My family is waiting…

Have a fab 2015 everyone!

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