Ruling the #GameNight with Monopoly Junior!

Recently, my kids were given a chance by Influenster Canada  to play and review Monopoly Junior board game!

Monopoly Junior #GameNight

Monopoly we know is a game for adults so when Hasbro Games introduced the junior version, I was excited because now my kids could also try a hand at it. Monopoly Junior is a great way to introduce the concept of Monopoly to younger minds, not to mention teaching them about calculations and how to deal with money is great fun too as we play along!

Ideal for kids aged five years and above, this Fast Dealing Property Trading Game can be played by 2-4 players at a time, perfect for families!

We were all excited when the Game Night came and we sat around the table to play. The game took about 10-20 minutes and the deal is that the player with most cash wins! In this case, it was my five year old! This also means, the other players goes bankrupt as in they won’t have the cash to pay rent or buy a property and so on. I couldn’t believe my hubby and I were lousy enough to lose to our little winner 🙂

Monopoly Junior is a fairly simplified version of the standard Monopoly game, if you are wondering. You just roll the dice and move that many spaces. If you land on a property that is not owned, you must buy it. If it is owned, then you must pay the rent. It was fun although we spent some time explaining the rules of the games to our young players at the onset which as it turns out,was quite easy for them to understand! Our son beat us, remember? 😉

Monopoly Junior #GameNight

Kevin is at that age of understanding money and he loved to earn some ‘cash’ while playing. He had great fun counting the money, collecting his hard earned cash and eventually winning! It takes only less time than the standard Monopoly to finish the game which is great for the little ones’ short attention span. The board itself and all the pieces are durable enough to withstand  rough handling of little hands.

Our Game Night was a blast! We are looking forward to our next one and betting on who the next winner is going to be! 🙂

Monopoly Junior game is a great gift for kids this Christmas if you have a board game on the list!

Have fun playing 🙂

*****Disclosure:”My kids and I received Monopoly Junior game as a complimentary gift from Influenster Canada and Hasbro Games for testing purposes.”*****

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