Say Hello to Halloween

Halloween is ‘closing’ in on us this week. Kids are excited and so are the Parents. Whichever store you go to these days, you are welcomed by great deals on Chocolates, Halloween costumes and accessories. Commercial markets bring in tremendous profits during the season of Halloween just like they do at the times of Christmas and other special celebration times. You will be surprised to hear that kids are not the only ones who love to dress up in various costumes this time around, but the grown ups as well. There are efforts to throw in great house parties based on different costumes, be it scary, most haunting or simply cute. Big corporate offices, just like the one  I work, organize lots of competitions, giveaways etc for the best costume or the scariest pod decorations. The very first year in my office, I dressed up as a pretty witch with a nice broom and went to the office to work some “magic”.
It was fun!You could bump on to the most scariest monster just around the corner, you could be at a risk of being thrown bucket loads of blood on you when you are on the way to meet your manager or simply might get a  chill by hearing a heart wrenching scream from that unoccupied conference room which did look hauntingly dark and bleak.
                       This year will be Krista’s first Halloween and I am really excited for her. She is going to be really beautiful in her purple flower girl costume which is completed by a cute flower boa. I got a good deal on it from our local Toys R’Us and can’t wait to dress her up.  Kevin is a cute Vampire this year  with his red flashy cape. And no, he is not wearing any artificial fangs. There is something that Kevin do not know though. He was in same costume last year as well. But obviously, he was only two at the time and chances are slim that he would remember this and that Mommy is cheating. Like I said, buying costumes and accessories to go with it every year is expensive so sometimes we have to make the most out of it by reusing the outfits from previous years. This will be specially easy when the children are still young and only enjoy the fun of “trick or treating” rather than immensely worrying about what the heck are they wearing. That would be least of Kevin’s worries this year as for him, fun is counted in terms of the speed with which his pail will be filling up with treats and other fun stuff. Mommy is just taking advantage of the time and saving up some money for the future years of Halloween!

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