A Low Budget Guide to Self care


When thinking of self care, what comes to mind for most of us is a spa day, night out, treating ourselves to delicious food, and more. And each one of them can be costly depending on our choice. But what if money IS an object and we have to make do with a low budget? Is proper self care possible?

I have to say, Yes.


A Low Budget Guide to Self care


Self care doesn’t mean we have to spend money recklessly to get quality time. Treating yourself to some me-time can be done right at home! There are tons of things you can do.


1. Scented Candles


For starters, scented candles. Yes!

Never underestimate their power. Light your favorite candles and set the mood for a soothing night. Place them all around your room for a serene time as the night falls and you get under the covers.


2. Favorite TV Shows

Watching my favorite show when all is quiet at home uplifts my spirit all the time! Pick the type of show you want to watch and binge shamelessly. No one will judge, trust me. Girls gotta take care of themselves.


3. Brew a cup of coffee or tea


You might know, I am a coffee person. The process of making coffee for me is therapeutic. I love how my space smells as it brews, the steam coming out when I pour it to my favorite mug for indulgence. Did I hear someone say, Simple Pleasures? Very much sis, very much!


Practice Self care with these low budget ideas



4. Homemade Face mask

In the mood for a beauty treatment? Awesome! Take care of that from the comfort of your home!

I have shared some face mask recipes on the blog and they are all great to whip up quick for pampering. Or mash some bananas and add a teaspoon of honey. Leave it on your face for 10 minutes or longer. Tada, you get spa time right at home 🙂


5. Give some Exfoliating love to your knees and elbows

We all know how dry our elbows and knees can get. And self care time is perfect for some serious TLC for those body parts! Whip up a DIY scrub from raw sugar and your favorite essential oil. My favorite is Orange Essential Oil. The fragrance is so refreshing! And an exfoliator out of those two is perfect to treat your dried skin.


6. Music Playlist


So I have Alexa at home and she is pretty intuitive about my music choices. She knows what to play when I ask her to. And let me tell you, music is pretty powerful. It can inspire your soul. Play all of your favorite songs and sing along. Dance around the house with your kids, siblings or pets- make it a dance party!


How practical and affordable are these self care ideas? All from the comfort of your home! I hope I convinced you to take your self care games to a new level on your next Me Day. It doesn’t have to cost a dime or stepping outside 🙂 PJ’s all day mama!





With love, Vinma




A Low Budget Guide to Self care

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