Set up a Successful Business with NO Experience!

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It was just last week I wrote about side hustles and why you should start one! This week, I am delving a bit deeper on the topic. Side hustles are all the rave these days for all the right reasons. Creating an income source out of nothing gives the person a certain power- a crafter, a freelance writer, a baker, they all have one thing in common. They provide a service ONLY THEY CAN PROVIDE. And they EARN MONEY doing that. It also happens to be something they love to do. They use their passion and turn it into an income source. How neat is that? These hustlers feel valued knowing people are willing to pay for their products/services.

As difficult our financial situations these days when we think about an extra income for ourselves, the first port of call that a lot of us consider is setting up some sort of side hustle. While there are so many people out there those craft items to sell on eBay or Etsy, if you’re looking for something a bit more substantial, a business may very well be the option. But there’s just one small thing standing in the way, a lack of knowledge and experience!


Set up a Successful Business with NO Experience!

How to create a side hustle for yourself


But, how can a successful business get started by anybody that has no experience?


Sourcing The Learning Tools


What’s the reason there are so many people set up their own businesses nowadays?

Not because there are so many gaps in the market, far from it, but because we have access to information on such an unprecedented scale now that we can figure out the most niche of business practices in order to make a sustainable career for us. As there are numerous learning resources online, not just in terms of general banners like “business” or “marketing”, but you can delve deep into the subject matters, and take lean online courses that specifically relate to the manufacturing processes. The great thing about starting up a business now is that you only have to type a few search terms into Google, and you are away! From here, the big difference between you and the next person starting their own business is not just about how much you are willing to learn, but also…


The Passion Will See You Through


So many of us have dreams about setting up our own business because we think it to be the gateway to a better life. Because setting up a business is not just about doing what we want when we want, but it’s about ensuring that so many different parts are moving, it can take its toll on our ability to deal with pressures, not just in business, but in life. Arguably, the most important lesson we can learn from anybody that started a business from their own home, and had none of the experience, is that the passion and drive were the two components that kept them pushing forward. There are going to be times that you are frustrated, either due to a lack of time, or there are additional duties in your life that prompt you to consider giving up. But if you really have a passion for something in life, then this will see you through the darkest hours.


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It’s a big misconception that we need to have numerous qualifications in order to even start out of the very bottom of the pecking order, but as we have seen countless times, if you have an idea, but you also have the passion in which to see it through to the bitter end, this is what will gain you the relevant experience and insight. Anybody can start a successful business, just as long as they are willing to put in more effort into this than they’ve ever done in their life.


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