Shaping Our Kids’ Future with Ontario Catholic School Teachers


Today’s world is all about convenience. Digitally, we are very much advanced as there is an app for everything you can think of. No room for mistakes, no errors. We make sure our kids have a comfortable life too. As parents, we constantly try to make everything “OK” for them.  They can’t be inconvenienced, can’t have uncertainties thrown their way. I realize the concept of resiliency becomes something hard to teach my kids when we are all running after comfort and convenience.  But being part of our Catholic School system, I know my kids are in good hands just like I was when growing up. I know the life lessons they learn from school on a daily basis will help them to be responsible, caring and resilient.

A HUGE support for us parents, I consider Catholic teachers as Life Teachers  for my little ones- in teaching them that it is ok to fail and be inconvenienced. That anything is possible if you just step back, think critically, and make a plan. Failure is inevitable, but failure opens the door to learning and discovering something incredible.

Shaping Our Kids’ Future with Ontario Catholic School Teachers

Shaping our Kids' future with Ontario Catholic school teachers


Did you know our Catholic school teachers work hard in so many ways in providing the best learning environment possible for our kids?  They hold really high standards and focus on core values for their students.

In this post, I am sharing some facts about Catholic school teachers you may not know already. It is a neat way to go a little deeper and learn about them. 

Catholic schools are dedicated to helping each child succeed, learn who they are in Christ, have a Christ-centered environment, and more. They work hard to nourish the body mind and soul of each student that comes into their classrooms. 

1. Core Values 

They really aim for core values such as fairness, compassion, respect, and concern for social justice and the environment. You might find that some of their teachings have a focus around this. They work hard to treat each child with respect and love and help them in any way they can. By teaching around core values it really helps reinforce and teach lessons for life. These lessons will then extend beyond the classroom and they can use these lessons for their life outside of school. 

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2. Resilience 

Catholic school teachers also teach about resilience. This is a great way to help each student to really become resourceful and to be thankful in all areas of their life. Teachers guide their students on how to overcome their struggles- whatever they may be and work through and see a positive light at the end. Children are taught about the difficult paths that they may walk. They also help them prepare, solve and learn from the struggles. Catholic teachers teach all about forgiveness, courage, strength and more.

Lessons for Life – Resilience in 3D from OECTA on Vimeo.


3. Teacher Commitment

Each teacher takes a commitment when they decide to teach. Their commitment is generally categorized into three dimensions: commitment to the school, commitment to the students, and commitment to the teaching. They don’t take it lightly to take on the role as a teacher, as they know they help shape tomorrows future in the children that step foot into their classroom. It is their mission to help children grow and learn and develop Catholic beliefs and values. Catholic teachers promote values that help students become engaged and contributing citizens. Graduates of our Catholic schools participate in elections, donate to charities and volunteer in their communities at very high rates.

4. Root Beliefs 

Each Catholic teachers believe in these root beliefs below that they focus on when they teach their students. God in all things, we are disciples with hope to bring to others, excellence happens on purpose, and school leaders help drive student success. With these root beliefs in place, it helps them to stay focused on the right lessons in their class. When they find a learning opportunity to teach about God and his love for us, they take it. They work hard to do whatever it takes to ensure that every child succeeds in the classroom, and helps find the truest selves in the image of Jesus Christ.


In my time as a student in our Catholic School system, I was lucky as well to pick up valuable life lessons. Looking back, I realize these lessons were a guiding light in many difficult situations I faced. Lifelong values I learned from my Catholic School helped me in making better judgment and informed choices. It also enabled me to impart my kids with the same quality of education and strong faith that I have come to enjoy in life.

Ontario Catholic School Teachers

Sure, practical world is much different from the real world. Nothing we learn in our classrooms can prepare us to deal with life with perfection or walk out with flying colors. But there is comfort in knowing that our Catholic teachers deliver lessons that extend beyond math, science and history. They shape the character and values of the students they teach. I am thankful to our Catholic Teachers for their commitment to common good and also for encouraging our children to be discerning believers, effective communicators, creative and holistic thinkers, self-directed learners, collaborative contributors, caring family members and responsible citizens of tomorrow.


Learn more about our Catholic teachers and what they do for our community.


This post is part of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers #catholicteachers sponsored program. I received compensation as thank you  for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.



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