Shop Dollar Tree Halloween Must Haves!


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Are you thinking about Halloween yet? I know I am!

Now that the kids are going back to school this week, we are a bit closer to the spookiest season of the year. I love Fall and everything that comes along with it- Back to school, Thanksgiving and of course, Halloween!

Shop Dollar Tree Halloween Must Haves

Shop Dollar's Halloween Must Haves

This Halloween season, there are many items your dollar store will carry that should be on your must have list. These items are not only ideal for the Halloween season but can be used in other ways throughout the other months of the year.

If you are a regular shopper at Dollar Tree or, take note of the below Halloween must haves that should be on your shopping list and in your cart this season.

1. Candy

Snag bags of Halloween candy to pass out to trick or treaters or have on hand for snacks and baking uses. When baking, this candy will serve you well all of the way until Christmas.

2. Stickers

Stock up on stickers to decorate your Trick or Treating bags or Halloween cards.

3. Treat buckets

These are not only great for trick or treating, but are also great for storage of all sorts of items. No one will see them when they are used to organize closet items, so they serve you well all year.

4. Window clings

Halloween window clings are a great way for kids to get in on the holiday decorating. Give them a sheet and let them go nuts.

5. Halloween costumes

Find all of the costume items you need not only for the big night of trick or treating, but to use for dress up, school plays, and other events throughout the year.

6. Carving kits

Carving kits are great for giving your pumpkins some personality, but they are also great for making art out of other food items such as apples. Give it a try.

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These Halloween must haves from is by no means a complete shopping list, but it is certainly a good starting point to get into Halloween spirit this year.  Think outside of the box and find ways to get creative with these items so you get more bang for your buck.

Happy Fall everyone 🙂

Shop at this Halloween season!



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