Shop Durable Clothing and Shoes from Sport Chek this Back to School #MyBetter

Have you ever been to a store and bought a cheap pair of shoes or socks only to find out a week later you have holes in your socks or blisters on your feet? I know this because I have made that mistake.

Buy Quality Shoes and Socks for kids from Sport Chek this Back to School

But I will no longer do that. Today, I wanted to share the importance of having durable clothing and shoes for your child just in time for back to school shopping! 

Shop Durable Shoes and Clothing at Sport Chek

Shop Durable Shoes and Clothing from Sport Chek


Shoes and socks are so important for kiddos. So make sure to invest in a good pair of shoes and socks that is durable and last quite a while.  Kids are on their feet on and off all day, they need shoes that offer their body and feet support. If their shoes offer no support, it can lead to hip pain, back pain, poor posture and more. 

Sport Chek is THE place to shop this back to school season for quality, durable shoes and clothing that will last. They are Canada’s largest retailer of sports equipment, sporting goods, sports apparel, shoes and more. With guaranteed footwear sizes, easy returns, a large variety of brands (Under Armour, Nike to name a few). online shopping/research opportunities and online customer service (via Facebook Messenger), Sport Chek is a convenient one-stop shop for parents.

I shopped there last week and can say, Sport Chek has the latest products and has got you completely covered for all your back to school shopping needs!

And did you know Sport Chek guarantees approximately 30 footwear styles in any size? Yes! Styles include kids and adults models. I was specifically shopping for shoes for my kids and was completely blown away by the styles in all different sizes!

Things to Consider When Buying Shoes and Clothes for Kids

Shoes and Socks 

Sometimes finding those $1 pair of flip flops aren’t worth buying. They will offer no to little arch support, could lead to having feet problems later on, as they are not getting any support, and could lead your child to have achy and tired feet after a long day at school. Same things go for socks, you want socks that are made from a good material that will breathe well. Help protect your child’s feet from getting blisters from their shoes. 

Quality Material

Look for shoes to be made from quality material. You want them to be able to withstand the rough environment of outdoor play, and the general wear and tear. You want the shoes to be flexible and comfortable to your child. Same goes for socks, make sure they don’t seem very thin like a toe would pop through after the first time wearing it! 

Comfort and Support

 Look for shoes that seem to be comfortable and offer some support to your child. You want to make sure they will protect your child’s feet from playing outdoors, and the rough events they may do! 

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Having a shoe that is durable and offers some flexibility is also great. You want to make sure that it will move with your child some. If it is stiff and constricting it can cause some pain and lead to blisters. 



Again when you are looking at buying clothes, look for breathable, comfortable, and sturdy clothes. Make sure they seem to be well made, as kids can be really hard on clothes. You don’t want holes all over the second time they wore it. Cotton, Polyester, and Cotton and Polyester blends are all great. Just because a shirt is cheap, doesn’t mean it is a deal. You would have to replace that sooner than later and end up costing more because your child ruined it. 


Make sure when you buy your clothes you look at the care of it. Will it need to be washed separate, dry clean only, or even need ironing? As a parent, it is up to you how much you want to do for taking care of clothes. If you don’t want the hassle, then look for clothes that don’t require much and you can wash and dry regularly. 

The positioning of Fasteners

 If the clothing has a button, fastener, or seams, look to ensure it will not be a problem in comfort. Nothing is worse than buying clothes for your child to only decide they don’t like the feel.  Because if it hurts them, then they won’t wear it. Let your child try on the clothes and really look them over to ensure it fits properly, and they aren’t uncomfortable.

Since you know now the importance of owning durable shoes and socks for kiddos, choose Sport Chek for quality clothing this back to school season. Invest in good items, so you don’t have to run back to store mid year to replenish. Been there, done that. And it is so ANNOYING. Don’t you agree? Not to mention the waste of time and money?

Shop Quality Shoes from Sport Chek this Back to School

So to recap. Why would you give Sport Chek a try this year?

1.Sport Chek has the latest and greatest products, making it clearly a one stop destination.

2. Online research –  website has the largest assortment of all, with over 35,000 styles. Order placed online can be picked up in-store or ship to your home.

3. FB Messenger – consumers can ask any questions to Sport Chek advisors via their Live Advice platform  available on Facebook messenger.

4. Guaranteed Footwear sizes – Sport Chek guarantees approx. 30 footwear styles in any size. Styles include kids and adults models. More details online.

5. Easy Return – customers have 60 days to return product bought in one of the Sport Chek location or online.

6. Free shipping on orders of $99 or more.

Shop Quality shoes at Sport Check this Back to School


Have a durable back to school everyone!


Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and Sport Chek and have received compensation for this post. All opinions in the post are my own.


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