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I am a big fan of online shopping.

No I am not anti social and no I don’t hyper ventilate in crowded places πŸ˜‰

But hey, old fashioned shopping is quickly dying. Gone are the days when we used to physically go into the store to shop. Or walking miles from aisle to aisle looking for what we want to buy. Or painfully stand in line at the cash to check out.


Okay I know I am overly dramatic sometimes. Old fashioned shopping is not completely dead. Whew! It’s still around guys. But it is in scarce.

These days, people want to shop from the comfort of their homes. In their PJ’s, nursing a cup of coffee. They can munch on nachos if they want to. No one is around to judge.


Shop Today!

Shop furniture,ca

They don’t want to waste time standing around for the next available cashier. No commute to and back from the store,  no fights to get into for the last available parking spot etc (I hate that one).

By now, you must have wrote me off as some one who buys EVERYTHING online as I seem to love it so much right? Wrong! Ha!


I mean, I need selections. Lots of them when I shop for furniture. I thought going from store to store looking for that perfect look or unique piece  was a necessity when it comes to shopping for them.

Believe you me! I did try to buy my furniture online once upon a time.  But No one online store had EVERYTHING I was looking for so I basically hopped around from one website to another in search of what I wanted to buy. Be it for my accents in the living room, accessories for the bathroom or dining or bedroom set. Yes, I was able to buy few stuff here and there but it was just not convenient. It sucked up on my time, and also not to mention paying shipping in multiple places was a pain. And once I received the items at home, there were a few times when the furniture I purchased just didn’t have the “looks” as opposed to when I originally saw them online.  So, you know, over all my experiences were not too great in that area.

After a while, I realized it was just not the same as my experience shopping online for other items in the past. There were no selections. No variety and I didn’t want to pay ginormous shipping fees.

Finally I gave in and resorted to our good old traditional shopping.

This was all before I learned about Now who are these new folks? They are a bunch of good guys who pick and curate best quality and style furniture for your home! Oh I believe they do, I mean look at the collection on their web store!Tons of choices if you are shopping for furniture, bedding and decor, appliances, electronics and such. Their customer care service is top notch. From browsing, to ordering, to delivery… they will help you every step of the way by answering any questions  and providing personalized assistance . Yes! Having a great customer care team is a winner when you shop online because  by god! you will need help with stuff like custom orders, delivery options etc.

Shop today!

I checked out the prices of some pieces that interested me and they are pretty decent. I can also shop with confidence knowing that’s  Satisfaction Guarantee and Price Match Promise will ensure that I will be always happy with my purchase.

Also, they have offers like FREE shipping, and sales  where you can save anywhere from 15-60%. Yay! I love good sales!If you have already done your spring cleaning, this is a fabulous excuse to buy some new furniture for the summer look of your home πŸ™‚

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And more good news!

Sign up to win $5000 Shopping Spree!

Sign up with a valid email address to subscribe to emails and you will be entered into a draw to win $5000 grand prize! How cool is that? If I win, we all know where ALL THAT MONEY is going πŸ™‚ Buy furniture of course πŸ™‚

However like all contests, there are some rules you may want to read upon. Check out the deets  and score your entry today!

While you are at it, do a quick look around at the store . I am sure you will be happy with your finds πŸ™‚

Have fun shopping!


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