Six Benefits of Baby Massage

Massage is considered as a powerful communication tool that helps Parents to bond with their bundle of joy. It also helps to jump start the baby’s psychological, neurological and physiological development. A newborn could use massage everyday. But at the toddler stage, depending on your child’s interest and your discretion, the massage can be scheduled either for early morning or just before bed, whichever works.  I perform massage on both my kids on a regular basis. It has helped them a lot in developing smooth and healthy skin and minimized Kevin’s eczema issues greatly over the years.

 It is very important to be mindful of the time that you plan baby massage. Refrain from doing a massage too soon after feeding your baby or when he is cranky or sleepy. It won’t also work if the baby is not in a good mood and is restless or bothered by anything that needs to be addressed.

 Six Benefits of Baby Massage

The following are other six benefits of baby massage.

Studies show that depriving ‘touchy-feely sensations’ impacts the little one’s immune system

If the baby is struggling with indigestion and gas problems, an effective massage can relieve him of his troubles and reward you with his poopy diapers and passing gases pretty soon!

The child will sleep better after a good long massage which will leave her relaxed and refreshed

 She will be too happy to throw any tantrums and will look forward to that peaceful afternoon nap or an uninterrupted good night’s sleep.

Using oil or lotion for massage is not a must and is entirely up to you

With or without it, you are giving ‘skin contact’ or ‘finger touch’ to your baby and he welcomes it!  You can rub his arms and legs with gentle twisting or ‘milking motion’. This is done by rolling his arms and legs between your hands and pressings your thumbs ever so lightly into his body. Add the finishing touch by butterfly strokes to the leg. This sort of massage helps with the blood circulation in the body and strengthens his muscles. It will also leave his skin smooth, healthy and glowing. It will prevent the skin from becoming dry as well.

Massaging goes a long way in building a baby’s brain

Infants, when receiving extra touching and sensory experience are rewarded with enhanced neurological development. It is believed that the Brain grows the fastest during a baby’s first year. Hence it is a good time to benefit your little one with massage.

Sometimes, babies experience a case of ‘sensory overload’

…with their emotions and try to shed off its weight by crying uncontrollably and non-stop. We know them as ‘colicky babies’. A good massage will ease of the level of cortisol, the stress hormone which helps them to be more in control of their emotions. They become calmer and learn to cope better with their mood variations.

Last but not least, your little one will feel very loved and cherished by you

…when you spend time with him/her while massaging. You on the other hand, understand your baby better and respond well to their non-verbal cues. It is very rewarding to know that you can soothe your baby down just by touch!  

There, you have it! Six Benefits of Massaging your Baby. Do you do baby massages on a regular basis? If yes, what are some of the benefits that you have come across? 


  1. I’m glad I read this, I honestly didn’t know all of the wonderful benefits and wish I would have when my kids were younger. Thanks!

  2. Oh I loved doing baby massage when mine were little! Makes me wish for a little baby again. Well maybe not! But yes, that human touch is so vital for both mom and baby.

  3. I had the privilege of taking a few massage classes (I had almost become a licensed massage therapist) so I was able to do some baby massage for my little ones. Great article with great facts about the benefits!

  4. I completely believe in the power of baby massage. I did it everyday for six months for my son and sometimes even twice a day if he was too cranky. They love it and it does make them feel relaxed. It’s also a wonderful feeling for the parent!

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