Sleep Like a Baby

Hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoyed the weather in your part of the world. I am very sleep deprived at the moment and is not having a good day so far. For the past several nights, Kevin and Krista are practically taking turns to get up at night. Krista cries in her crib and I go pick her up, rock her gently and give her soother. This calms her at the moment and I tuck her back in and go back to my bed. The only issue is this happens two or three times at night. Not to mention, Kevin has his own timings of nocturnal strolls to our bedroom. One of us will get up, pick him up and take him back to his bed..
 This goes on and on and on… Now, I am really tired. If I get lucky and is able to steal some nap time during the day, I am not able to close my eyes for one wee bit
since I do not sleep during the day as a rule. Of course, this leaves me in an uncomfortable situation.           They both sleep real good always. But sometimes, the rhythm is lost and interruptions happen during nights. This is one of the hard cycles. And I have no choice but try to survive. My kids have good habits when it comes to sleep. They have a routine and it happens in sequence every night. For Kevin, there is supper time, then play for a while, a relaxing bath, TV/snack time and then bed at around 9. This almost never changes. Even when he was a baby, we tried to stick to a certain routine unless there is an emergency. Krista takes bath in the evening, eat something after, play time, and again eat something, then she signs off to her crib, again at 9. I soothe her down sometimes with soft music, but that is optional. I also leave her room pitch dark by which she came to understand the difference between day and night earlier on. It was easier for her to be awake during the day since it is bright around her and sleep at night because it is dark and there is nothing interesting going on.
        Well, all these techniques almost always works and they both sleep like babies (which they are, silly me!) and get up in the morning all freshened up. The hard cycle pops in occassionally throw us off all ofguard for a while and disappear only to come back again… I know this will pass. This is all part of them growing up and getting used to this world and life. But I am just a sleep deprived cranky woman and can’t help complaining… Hope you understand!

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